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About Us

The Polish Producers Alliance (KIPA) was established more than 20 years ago and is one of the largest independent business organizations, boasting over 170 member entities. Among these entities are production companies specializing in film, television, and advertising, as well as film schools and regional film funds (RFF). Since its inception in 2000, KIPA has played a crucial role in the development of the Polish audiovisual industry. The primary goal of KIPA is to represent the economic interests of its members, particularly before the government and key players in the audiovisual market. The chamber facilitates the integration of producers, serving as a platform for the exchange of experiences and collaboration. Additionally, it disseminates information about current legislative amendments, including those related to taxation, and highlights the most significant events in the industry. KIPA provides access to legal services offered by leading practitioners specializing in audiovisual sector issues. It also shapes and popularizes the principles of professional ethics. Moreover, the alliance organizes training sessions and workshops for professionals and promotes the work of its members.

Our mission

  • Like other chambers of commerce or business organizations worldwide, the Polish Producers Alliance (KIPA) builds, integrates, and connects the community of producers to create better business conditions. Hence, KIPA's primary goal is to support its affiliated entities by offering services that can promote their businesses, especially by protecting economic interests in the audiovisual sector, in line with KIPA's motto: Together we create a strong industry.

  • Mission

    Protection and safeguarding the interests of audiovisual producers. Providing the highest quality expert services to support the film and television industry, aiming to enhance the competitiveness and innovation of companies. Representing Chamber members in economic, legislative, and legal matters. Creating and continually modernizing a platform for cooperation and professionalization among producers in Poland and abroad. Supporting activities and ensuring equal opportunities in the market for young producers and creators.

  • Vision

    KIPA is the only chamber of commerce for the audiovisual market in Poland, recognized and respected by the international community of producers and industry partners. Our goal is to faithfully represent the interests of the audiovisual and production markets at all levels of the Polish economy, while also creating new prospects for sustainable economic development, particularly in the sector of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises.

KIPA was established in November 2000, with a mission to represent the economic interests of its affiliated entities, particularly focusing on the economic and legal concerns of the producers’ community. It operates under the framework of the Act of May 30, 1989, on chambers of commerce and stands as the sole local government organization within the audiovisual market. Currently, it unites over 170 entities, including Polish production companies specializing in feature films, television films, documentaries, animations, and advertising films. Additionally, it actively supports the endeavors of Polish film schools and Regional Film Funds (RFF).