The Glossary of Film Production Terms by KIPA

Poniższy słowniczek jest zbiorem terminologii, która została omówiona w ramach branżowego kursu j. angielskiego KIPA Film Language Lab, rozbudowana o dodatkowe hasła. Zależy nam, aby korzystanie z niego było jak najbardziej przydatne w Waszej codziennej pracy, ma służyć na dłużej, całej branży. 

Jeśli macie uwagi, brakuje Wam pojęć, których często używacie, a co do których macie wątpliwości językowe –  dajcie nam o tym znać na adres z tytułem: Słowniczek.

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cast the actors in a film, play, or show obsada Development: Crew
casting director a person responsible for casting the Actors reżyser obsady Development: Crew
consultant (production) a person using their knowledge to advise filmmakers in the subject area of their expertise konsultant Development: Crew
executive producer (EP) the head producer who supervises other producers in the creation of a body of work. An executive producer may work independently or on behalf of the studio, financiers or the distributors producent wykonawczy Development: Crew
leading producer the producer that initiates work on the film and hires others to help them achieve their mission. Typically owns most right to the finished film główny producent Development: Crew
line producer a type of film producer who is the key manager during daily operations. Usually works on one film at a time. They are responsible for human resources and handling any problems that come up during production. Line producers also manage the budget producent liniowy (odpowiedzialny za całościową realizację filmu oraz budżet filmu) Development: Crew
location scout someone whose job is finding suitable places for filming television programmes, films, etc. scout lokacji filmowych Development: Crew
location scouting finding suitable places for filming poszukiwanie lokacji, scouting Development: Crew
minority producer a producer of national origin providing less than the largest share of financing producent mniejszościowy Development: Crew
script supervisor / continuity supervisor / script oversees the continuity of the film including wardrobe, props, set dressing, hair, makeup and the actions of the actors in a scene. Their notes are used to help the editor cut the scene. They also keep track of the film production unit's daily progress sekretarka planu, script Development: Crew
talent pool talent available for work when required or considered as a resource pula talentów Development: Crew
above-the-line costs portion of the budget that covers major creative participants (writer, director, actors and producer) including script and story development costs koszty związane z pracą części twórców, zgodnie z podziałem i strukturą ekipy w krajach anglosaskich (US, UK) Development: Finance & Contracts
accounting keeping records of the money a person or organisation earns and spends księgowość, rachunkowość Development: Finance & Contracts
adjusted gross participation gross participation minus certain costs, such as cost of advertising and duplication. Also called 'Rolling Gross'. If many deductions are allowed, the participant is essentially getting a 'net profit' deal wpływy pomniejszone o koszty P&A oraz inne zatwierdzone przez strony (np. koszty collection agency) Development: Finance & Contracts
advance up-front payment that counts against monies that may be payable at some time in the future. Non-recoupable advances are payments that are not refundable even if future monies are never due zaliczka Development: Finance & Contracts
affirm to ratify or approve zatwierdzać Development: Finance & Contracts
aforesaid previously said wyżej wymieniony, wcześniej wspomniany Development: Finance & Contracts
agreement, deal a decision or arrangement, often formal and written, between two or more groups or people porozumienie, umowa Development: Finance & Contracts
amend to change, modify poprawiać, korygować Development: Finance & Contracts
ancillary rights ancillary rights refer to all rights that are related to exploiting property in ways that are different from their original format. prawa zależne (prawo do opracowań cudzego utworu np. tłumaczenie, przeróbka, adaptacja) oraz uprawnienia do korzystania z elementów filmu /merchandising, sequele, seriale tv, sztuki teatralne, książki, seriale internetowe, ścieżki dźwiękowe, komiksy, gry Development: Finance & Contracts
assign to transfer cedować Development: Finance & Contracts
assignee a person receiving property by assignment cesjonariusz, beneficjent Development: Finance & Contracts
assignor a person giving or transferring property to another cedent Development: Finance & Contracts
attorney-in-fact a person authorised to act for another pełnomocnik prawny Development: Finance & Contracts
audit an examination of the accounts of a business to check that they have been done according to accepted standards audyt Development: Finance & Contracts
back end compensation a way for the author of the source material, or anybody else participating who may be eligible to get some 'profit participation'. This means that they are then paid some of the profit the film makes after it breaks even dodatkowy wpływ po zwrocie wkładów koprodukcyjnych i inwestycyjnych, a przed podziałem zysku netto między wszystkich udziałowców Development: Finance & Contracts
balance sheet a statement that shows the value of a company's assets (= things of positive value) and its debts zestawienie bilansowe Development: Finance & Contracts
bank opinion letter a statement issued by the bank at the request of the account owner, which describes important facts related to the possession and use of a bank account and possibly a loan opinia bankowa Development: Finance & Contracts
bank statement a record of the money put into and removed from a bank account wyciąg z konta Development: Finance & Contracts
below-the-line costs the technical expenses and labour including set construction, crew, camera equipment, film stock, developing and printing koszty związane z organizacją produkcji i planu zdjęciowego oraz ekipy technicznej Development: Finance & Contracts
benefit of the bargain the advantage that would be or have been gained under a contract if completed as agreed specifically, the difference between the actual value of property and the value of property as it is represented korzyści płynące z tranzakcji Development: Finance & Contracts
box office "a measure of how popular and financially successful a film or actor is; the place in a cinema or theatre where tickets are sold" wpływy z biletów osiągnięte przez film, kasa biletowa Development: Finance & Contracts
breach of contract the act of breaking an agreement naruszenie umowy, niedotrzymanie umowy Development: Finance & Contracts
cashflow the amount of money moving into and out of a business przepływ gotówki Development: Finance & Contracts
chain of title a series of documents which establishes proprietary rights in a film dokumentacja potwierdzająca kolejność właścicieli praw i ich pełne nabycie Development: Finance & Contracts
completion bond a promise by an insurance company to the person or financial organisation financing a project that it will provide the money needed to complete the project, even if something unexpected happens ubezpieczenie powodzenia produkcji / ukończenia realizacji filmu Development: Finance & Contracts
contingency a sum of money set aside in case the film goes over budget rezerwa budżetowa Development: Finance & Contracts
copyright the legal right to control all use of an original work, such as a book, play, movie, or piece of music, for a particular period of time prawa autorskie do dzieła Development: Finance & Contracts
cost report a formal summary of the production and cost activity within a department for a reporting period raport kosztowy Development: Finance & Contracts
court a place where trials and other legal cases happen, or the people present in such a place, especially the officials and those deciding if someone is guilty sąd Development: Finance & Contracts
deal memo an term used to describe a document which summarises the key points of a contract between two or more parties, signed before the actual, long, detailed agreement dokument będący hasłowym skrótem najważniejszych założeń współpracy, podpisywany przed szczegółową finalną umową Development: Finance & Contracts
deduct subtract odejmować, odliczać Development: Finance & Contracts
deferred payment in a deferral deal, cast or crew or a vendor agrees to defer all or part of their pay until the production has the money to pay them or the film sells płatność odroczona za porozumieniem stron Development: Finance & Contracts
direct costs film costs associated with physically producing a film, as well as allocations of production overhead and capitalised interest. Examples of these direct costs are cast compensation, post-production, set construction, sound synchronisation, story costs, and wardrobe koszt bezpośredni Development: Finance & Contracts
dispute an argument or disagreement, especially an official one spór Development: Finance & Contracts
escrow account an account managed by a neutral third-party to safeguard financial transactions rachunek zabezpieczony, rachunek powierniczy Development: Finance & Contracts
fee an amount of money paid for a particular piece of work or for a particular right or service opłata, stawka Development: Finance & Contracts
financial investment the act of providing money for a business rather than other forms of investment such as effort or time or the money provided inwestycja finansowa Development: Finance & Contracts
financial statement a piece of paper that lists financial details sprawozdanie finansowe Development: Finance & Contracts
first-dollar gross the practice in filmmaking, in which the participant receives a percentage of gross revenue from the box office starting from a film's first day of release. The participant begins to share in the profits from the first ticket sale, without waiting for the film studio to make a profit praktyka, która umożliwia stronie umowy otrzymanie procentu przychodu kasowego brutto od pierwszego dnia premiery filmu Development: Finance & Contracts
flat rate a charge that remains the same regardless of the length of work, no. of shooting days etc. zryczałtowana opłata Development: Finance & Contracts
fringes supplementary wage and nonwage payments or benefits one receives from their employer / producer dodatkowe świadczenia finansowe Development: Finance & Contracts
gross in total before tax or other contributions brutto Development: Finance & Contracts
gross participation a piece of gross receipts without any deductions for distribution fees or expenses or production costs. However, deductions for checking and collection costs, residuals and taxes are usually deductible. A 'piece of the gross' is the most advantageous type of participation from the participant’s point of view. In an audit, it is the most easily verified form of participation udział brutto Development: Finance & Contracts
in perpetuity forever na zawsze / bez ograniczeń czasowych Development: Finance & Contracts
in-kind investment the contribution of properties other than cash to the investment object such as a company in the expectation of some benefit in the future wkład rzeczowy Development: Finance & Contracts
interest money that is charged by a bank or other financial organisation for borrowing money odsetki Development: Finance & Contracts
irrevocable that which cannot be revoked or recalled nieodwołalny Development: Finance & Contracts
lawsuit a problem taken to a law court by an ordinary person or an organisation rather than the police in order to obtain a legal decision pozew Development: Finance & Contracts
lawyer someone whose job is to give advice to people about the law and speak for them in court prawnik Development: Finance & Contracts
licensee a person who is given a license or permission to do something licencjobiorca Development: Finance & Contracts
licensor a person who gives or grants a license licencjodawca Development: Finance & Contracts
limited partnership a form of business enterprise commonly used to finance films. General partners initiate and control the partnership; limited partners are the investors and have no control of the running of the partnership business and no legal or financial liabilities beyond the amount they have invested spółka komandytowa Development: Finance & Contracts
litigation a lawsuit. Proceedings in a court of law proces, spór sądowy Development: Finance & Contracts
maximise to make something as great in amount, size, or importance as possible maksymalizować Development: Finance & Contracts
minimise to reduce something to the least possible level or amount minimalizować, redukować Development: Finance & Contracts
minimum guarantee the fee that the distributor agrees to pay a producer for the right to distribute the completed film minimum gwarantowane / MG Development: Finance & Contracts
negative cost actual cost of producing a film including the manufacture of a completed negative (does not include costs of prints or advertising). It may be defined to include overhead expenses, interest and other expenses, which may inflate the amount way beyond what was actually spent to make the film koszt netto potrzebny do wyprodukowania i nakręcenia filmu, z wyłączeniem takich wydatków jak dystrybucja i promocja Development: Finance & Contracts
net the amount of profit that a business has left after tax has been paid netto Development: Finance & Contracts
net profit what is left, if anything, after all allowable deductions are taken. This usually amounts to zero. Typically expressed in terms of a portion of 100% of net profits, such as 5% of 100% zysk netto Development: Finance & Contracts
non-disclosure agreement (NDA) a confidentiality agreement; a legally binding contract in which one party agrees to give a second party confidential information about its business or products and the second party agrees not to share this information with anyone else for a specified period of time. NDAs are used to protect sensitive information and intellectual property by outlining in detail what information must remain private and what information can be shared or released to the public umowa o zachowaniu poufności Development: Finance & Contracts
obligation a duty imposed by law, courtesy or contract zobowiązanie Development: Finance & Contracts
occasional not happening or done often or regularly okazjonalny Development: Finance & Contracts
own contribution one's own input wkład własny Development: Finance & Contracts
pari passu equitably, without preference, i.e. according to the amount of each investor’s investment divided by the total recoupable cost of production proporcjonalny (inaczej 'parytetowy') podział np. zysków lub należności Development: Finance & Contracts
parties of an agreement people or sides involved in a formal agreement strony umowy Development: Finance & Contracts
per-diem for each day; an amount of money paid for each day that an employee works away from their home or their office, used to pay for food, travelling, etc. dieta Development: Finance & Contracts
personal investment a financial investment by a person, rather than by a business or a financial institution inwestycja osobista Development: Finance & Contracts
pro rata a pro rata contribution or recoupment is one that is provided or received in proportion to the contributor / recipient's interest in the project płatność proporcjonalna Development: Finance & Contracts
quitclaim to release or relinquish a claim. To execute a deed of quitclaim rezygnacja z roszczeń Development: Finance & Contracts
rank to have a position higher or lower than others, or to be considered to have such a position stopień, ranga Development: Finance & Contracts
recce a pre-filming visit to a location to determine its suitability for shooting dokumentacja Development: Finance & Contracts
receipt something such as a piece of paper or message proving that money, goods, or information have been received pokwitowanie, paragon Development: Finance & Contracts
receipts revenues; the amount of money received during a particular period by a business or government przychody, wpływy Development: Finance & Contracts
recoupment to get back money that you have spent, lost or invested stopniowy zwrot inwestycji lub nakładów Development: Finance & Contracts
registry documents legal documents confirming the existence and running of a business or company dokumenty rejestrowe Development: Finance & Contracts
related rights or neighbouring rights the rights of performers, phonogram producers and broadcasting organisations prawa pokrewne - prawa do artystycznych wykonań: artystów wykonawców np. aktorów, wokalistów, lektorów oraz producentów fono i wideogramów, organizacji radiowych, telewizyjnych czy wydawców Development: Finance & Contracts
rescind (rescission) to cancel the contract in such a way as if it had never been signed odstąpić od umowy Development: Finance & Contracts
rider an addition to an official or legal document załącznik do umowy Development: Finance & Contracts
royalties money that a writer or musician earns in royalty payments (= payments received for each book, dialogue) tantiemy Development: Finance & Contracts
scale the minimum salary permitted by the guilds minimalna płaca dozwolona przez gildie czy związki Development: Finance & Contracts
stake a share or a financial involvement in something such as a business udział (w interesie) Development: Finance & Contracts
subtract to deduct; to take away an amount or part of a total, to remove a number from another odejmować Development: Finance & Contracts
successor-in-interest one who follows another in ownership or control of property następca prawny w przedmiotowej działalności Development: Finance & Contracts
successors persons entitled to property of a decedent by will or as an heir spadkobiercy Development: Finance & Contracts
tax ID tax identification number identyfikator podatkowy (NIP) Development: Finance & Contracts
to file a complaint to submit a formal statement to complain złożyć skargę, złożyć zażalenie Development: Finance & Contracts
warranty "a promise. An assurance by one party as to the existence of a fact upon which the other party may rely " gwarancja Development: Finance & Contracts
waterfall an overview of how money from foreign sales and domestic distribution deals flows to the filmmaker. The top of the waterfall is the money source, and the bottom of the waterfall is the filmmaker kolejność i wysokość wypłacania należności Development: Finance & Contracts
wire money to send money using an electrical communication system przelewać pieniądze Development: Finance & Contracts
antagonist a character that puts barriers in the way of a protagonist’s progress or objective antagonista / przeciwnik Development: Script / Characters
archetype a universal character modelled upon all the characters appearing in narrative history archetyp, pierwowzór Development: Script / Characters
character a person, animal, or spiritual entity that figures importantly in the telling of a story postać Development: Script / Characters
character development the gradual revelation of information about a character that the audience needs to know in order to understand the character’s motivations and intent rozwój postaci Development: Script / Characters
dynamic character when the character’s attitude changes throughout a story bohater dynamiczny Development: Script / Characters
protagonist the main character whom the audience identifies with or cares about in a story protagonista Development: Script / Characters
static character when a character’s attitude remains the same throughout a story bohater statyczny Development: Script / Characters
supporting character a subplot character or minor character who helps to raise the stakes for the main protagonist, or who reflects the same problems or issues of the protagonist, while providing texture or dimensionality to the setting postać drugoplanowa Development: Script / Characters
transformational arc the parabolic shift in polar attitudes of a character from a point A to a point B during the course of a story zmiana losów postaci Development: Script / Characters
ambience the overall quality of mood, tone or atmosphere in a film nastrój Development: Script / General
atmosphere the dominant mood or emotional tone of a film atmosfera Development: Script / General
catharsis the emotional effect achieved through fulfilment, redemption sharing a secret that was weighing on a character etc. katharsis, oczyszczenie Development: Script / General
climax the point of highest intensity and suspense just before a resolution punkt kulminacyjny Development: Script / General
denouement the final resolution to an intricate plot zwieńczenie, rozwiązanie historii / przebiegu akcji Development: Script / General
foreshadowing an indication of events yet to come zapowiedź wydarzeń Development: Script / General
motif a recurring image, sound, line, action or other element that makes a symbolic, allegorical, metaphoric or thematic point in a film motyw przewodni, leitmotiv Development: Script / General
ordeal a very unpleasant and prolonged experience męka, gehenna, ciężka próba Development: Script / General
pace the intensity, rhythm or speed of a story’s plot action tempo akcji Development: Script / General
tone the attitude toward a subject or story that is being expressed by the writer or director of a screenplay or film (such as cynicism, hope, anger, optimism, sadness, or wonder) wydźwięk, nastrój Development: Script / General
action the overt, physical actions that happen on screen, such as 'He falls down the stairs' or 'She pulls a gun, hands shaking'. akcja, ruch Development: Script / General
adaptations derivative works. When a motion picture is based on a book, the movie has been adapted from the book adaptacje Development: Script / General
ally a person or organisation that cooperates with or helps another in a particular activity sprzymierzeniec, sojusznik Development: Script / General
alter to slightly change something, improve zmieniać, modyfikować, ulepszać Development: Script / General
ambiguous not clear and decided dwuznaczny, niejednoznaczny, niesprecyzowany Development: Script / General
anxiety a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about something lęk, stres, spięcie, obawa Development: Script / General
artsy arty; Making a strong affected, or pretentious display of being artistic or interested in the arts. pretensjonalny Development: Script / General
assertive confident and not frightened to say what they want or believe stanowczy, asertywny Development: Script / General
at stake at risk zagrożony, na szali Development: Script / General
authenticity the quality of being real or true autentyczność, oryginalność Development: Script / General
blank slate tabula rasa; something with no existing restraints that can be freely developed pierwotny stan umysłu człowieka, niezapisana karta, tabula rasa Development: Script / General
blueprint an early plan or design that explains how something might be achieved plan, strategia, model działania Development: Script / General
buddy film (movie) a popular film genre in which two protagonists (often confidantes) are in pursuit of the same objective (willingly or unwillingly) and sometimes trade off as catalysts to one another film o przyjaźni (zazwyczaj męskiej) Development: Script / General
camaraderie friendliness koleżeństwo Development: Script / General
come across as appear or sound in a specified way; give a specified impression sprawiać wrażenie, wydawać się Development: Script / General
coming-of-age film a film that depicts one or more young protagonists facing a key moment of personal growth from childhood to adulthood film o dojrzewaniu Development: Script / General
convey to express a thought, feeling, or idea so that it is understood by other people wyrażać, przekazywać (np. emocje, treść) Development: Script / General
cross-genre two or more genres combined to create a richer and more complex movie (e.g., Witness is a cross genre of an “action thriller” and a “tragic love story”) film międzygatunkowy Development: Script / General
dialogue any spoken lines in a film by an actor/actress based upon a script; may be considered overlapping if two or more characters speak simultaneously dialog Development: Script / General
dimensionality richness of atmosphere or texture added to a film by means of smaller elements, such as supporting characters, background actions or dialogue and small details of design wymiarowość Development: Script / General
diverse including many different types of people or things różnorodny, rozmaity, odmienny, zróżnicowany Development: Script / General
diversity the fact of there being people of many different groups in society, within an organization, etc. różnorodność, rozmaitość Development: Script / General
emerge to appear by coming out of something or out from behind something wyłaniać, się, ukazywać się Development: Script / General
encounter to meet spotykać, napotkać, natknąć się Development: Script / General
ensemble a group of things or people acting or taken together as a whole, especially a group of musicians who regularly play together zespół muzyków, śpiewaków lub aktorów; ansambl Development: Script / General
face off to take up an attitude of confrontation, especially at the start of a fight or game starcie Development: Script / General
fiery having a passionate and quick-tempered nature ognisty, zapalczywy Development: Script / General
flesh out to add more details or information to something uszczegółowić Development: Script / General
flop a failure film, który jest porażką (głównie finansową), klapa Development: Script / General
genre a style or category of art, music, or literature gatunek Development: Script / General
graphic giving clear and vividly explicit details obrazowy Development: Script / General
have a crush on be infatuated by someone być zadurzonym w kimś, podkochiwać się w kimś Development: Script / General
heap sth on sb direct a great deal of praise, abuse, criticism, etc. at (someone or something) kierować w czyjąś stronę pochwały lub krytykę Development: Script / General
heist film (movie) a film that focuses on the planning, execution and aftermath of a large robbery podgatunek filmu kryminalnego o grupie ludzi, którzy próbują coś ukraść (np. pieniądze) Development: Script / General
hireability the quality of being hireable or the likelihood of being hired jakość i możliwość zatrudnienia Development: Script / General
humility the quality of having a modest or low view of one's importance pokora, skromność, łagodność, nieśmiałość Development: Script / General
immersive generating a three-dimensional image which appears to surround the user pochłaniający, wciągający Development: Script / General
in pursuit of following, chasing w pogoni za Development: Script / General
inaugural marking the beginning of an institution, activity, or period of office inauguracyjny, wstępny Development: Script / General
longline a one-sentence summary or description of a movie, it distils the important elements of the screenplay—main character, setup, central conflict, antagonist jedno-, dwuzdaniowa sentencja określająca bohatera, konflikt i stawkę historii Development: Script / General
mandate an official order or requirement to do something rozkaz, zlecenie, polecenie Development: Script / General
nail to perform perfectly, succeed dać radę, zrobić coś dobrze Development: Script / General
nuance a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression or sound subtelny szczegół, niuans Development: Script / General
open-ended having no predetermined end, limit or boundary nieokreślony, stwarzający możliwość dowolnej interpretacji Development: Script / General
oppose to actively resist; disagree with sprzeciwić się, przeciwstawiać się Development: Script / General
out of order not in the correct sequence; not working properly or at all niezgodny z porządkiem, niesprawny, niedziałający Development: Script / General
permit an official document that allows you to do something or go somewhere pozwolenie Development: Script / General
pitch deck or sales deck usually a series of slides. It is a valuable tool to verbally sell a script to studio executives, producers or anyone else within the industry. It explains why the film is being made. It allows to delve into the specifics of overall style, visual impact, tone of the film casting, location, crew, and more krótka prezentacja opisująca główne założenia filmu, mająca na celu przekonanie innych do wspólnej realizacji projektu Development: Script / General
praise to express warm approval or admiration chwalić, wychwalać Development: Script / General
prequel a film, book, or play that develops the story of an earlier film, etc. by telling you what happened before the events in the first film, etc. film o wydarzeniach wcześniejszych niż opisane w pierwowzorze Development: Script / General
repeat collaboration a collaboration that happens more than once powtórna współpraca Development: Script / General
report to give a description of something or information about it to someone raportować Development: Script / General
respectively separately or individually and in the order already mentioned (used when enumerating two or more items or facts that refer back to a previous statement) odpowiednio (w wymienionej kolejności, np. kosztowały odpowiednio 30 i 50 dolarów) Development: Script / General
risk the possibility of something bad happening ryzyko Development: Script / General
scene an event that takes place entirely in one location or time. If we go outside from inside, it's a new scene. If we cut to five minutes later, it's a new scene scena Development: Script / General
scramble to make one's way quickly or awkwardly up a steep gradient or over rough ground by using one's hands and feet nieudolna wspinaczka, gramolenie się (pod górę) Development: Script / General
sequel the second instalment in a series, the continuation of an existing story kontynuacja istniejącej historii, druga część opowieści Development: Script / General
setting the time and the place in which the action of a book, film, play, etc. happens sceneria Development: Script / General
shooting script a later version of the screenplay in which each separate shot is numbered and camera directions are indicated scenopis Development: Script / General
showcase to show the best qualities or parts of something wystawiać na pokaz, promować, przedstawiać Development: Script / General
slasher a film in which people, especially young women, are killed very violently with knives horror, w którym popełniane są morderstwa, zazwyczaj na młodych kobietach Development: Script / General
sleeper hit an entertainment product that was projected to be moderately successful, but surprisingly became a hit niespodziewany sukces Development: Script / General
slugline (scene heading) basic set description at the top of a script scene, written in all caps, providing information as to whether the scene is interior vs. exterior, etc. didaskalia / informacje o scenie (czas, lokacja, warunki pogodowe, itp.) Development: Script / General
soulful expressing deep feelings or emotion, spiritual pełen emocji, głębokich uczuć, uduchowiony Development: Script / General
sprawling existing or reaching over a large area rozciągnięty, rozwlekły Development: Script / General
spur to encourage an activity or development or make it happen faster zachęcać Development: Script / General
stale no longer new and interesting or exciting; no longer fresh (food) przestarzały Development: Script / General
star-studded with a lot of famous people in it w gwiazdorskiej obsadzie Development: Script / General
story analyst or reader a person employed by a studio or producer to read submitted scripts, synopsize and evaluate them recenzent scenariuszowy Development: Script / General
sub-genre a subdivision of a genre of film such as e.g. chick flicks, courtroom dramas, etc. podgatunek Development: Script / General
suited for right or appropriate for something nadający się, dopasowany do, odpowiedni do Development: Script / General
synopsis a short, often one-paragraph description of the contents of something such as a film or book synopsis, streszczenie Development: Script / General
tackle to try to deal with something or someone uporać się z czymś, stawiać czoło problemom Development: Script / General
the craft of acting the skill of acting rzemiosło aktorskie Development: Script / General
theme an underlying philosophical, social or spiritual message that gives the plot meaning motyw Development: Script / General
three act structure the beginning, middle, and end of a story, played out in linear sequence (setup, confrontation, resolution) struktura trzech aktów Development: Script / General
trait feature, characteristic cecha charakteru Development: Script / General
treatment a prose account of the story line of a film. Usually between 10 and 50 pages. Comes after an outline and before first draft screenplay treatment, opis fabuły, zarys scenariusza Development: Script / General
triquel the third instalment in a series, the continuation of an existing story kontynuacja istniejącej historii, trzecia część opowieści Development: Script / General
ultimately finally, after a series of things have happened ostatecznie, w końcu, finalnie, koniec końców Development: Script / General
undercut to weaken, undermine, damage or cause the failure of something podważyć coś, psuć coś Development: Script / General
unfold develop, become clear to other people rozwijać się (o fabule), toczyć się (o akcji) Development: Script / General
villain a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot czarny charakter Development: Script / General
wit the capacity for inventive thought and quick understanding inteligencja, rozum, dowcip (umiejętność mówienia rzeczy zabawnych i sprytnych) Development: Script / General
catalyst (catalytic) a character, event or circumstance that forces the protagonist into a quest or achieving a goal postać, wydarzenie lub okoliczności, które zmuszają protagonistę do wykonania jakiegoś zadania lub osiągnięcia celu Development: Script / Plot
conflict opposition, controversy, struggle or antipathy between a character and themselves, their situation, another character, society etc. konflikt Development: Script / Plot
falling action when the tension eases in the story; events after the climax, leading to the resolution opadające napięcie akcji Development: Script / Plot
linear structure a plot structure that runs in a chronological or logical cause-and-effect sequence liniowa konstrukcja fabularna / sekwencja przyczynowo-skutkowa Development: Script / Plot
objective the goal or desire of a protagonist(s) cel, zamiar, dążenie (protagonisty) Development: Script / Plot
obstacle a barrier or reversal that presents a challenge to a protagonist’s achievement of an objective przeszkoda (na drodze protagonisty do osiągnięcia celu) Development: Script / Plot
outcome the resolution of a story in terms of the protagonist’s objective wynik losów protagonisty Development: Script / Plot
red herring a false lead, assumed outcome or obvious solution that a writer plants in a story to fool the audience fałszywy trop Development: Script / Plot
rising action the section of a story that leads toward its climax rosnące napięcie akcji Development: Script / Plot
sequence a scene, or a series of connected scenes, that present a succession of related events or idea that constitute and advance a distinct component of the story narrative, plot and/or character development sekwencja /sceny powiązanych wydarzeń stanowiące pewną zamkniętą całość Development: Script / Plot
setback something that interferes with progress przeszkoda, komplikacja, niepowodzenie Development: Script / Plot
subplot a secondary plot line that enhances a main plot and intersects with it at a crucial point in the climax wątek poboczny Development: Script / Plot
turning point an action point that is a reaction to an obstacle in the way of a protagonist’s objective; turning points raise the stakes, move the action in a different direction or to a different playing area and force the protagonist to take a new or different tack punkt zwrotny Development: Script / Plot
angle on used to emphasise a specific object in a shot to indicate that a different camera angle is to be used to show it "ujęcie na" - zmiana kąta kamery na dany obiekt Development: Script / Technical
back to / back to scene the camera reverts to its original scene, shot position or location powrót do wspomnianej wcześniej sceny lub ustawienia Development: Script / Technical
background (b.g.) any action or object(s) which is secondary to the main action and which appears far behind the main action, and which serves as a backdrop for that action tło Development: Script / Technical
beat in a screenplay, this term is used to indicate a pause in a character's speech or action. Also refers to actions or incidents within scenes chwila zawahania, krótka pauza, sekunda czasu ekranowego Development: Script / Technical
CLOSE SHOT a camera shot that includes only the head and shoulders of a character. Always typed in capital letters plan bliski Development: Script / Technical
CLOSEUP (C.U.) a camera shot that closely emphasizes (isolates) a detail in a person, animal or object. Always typed in capital letters and is usually abbreviated zbliżenie Development: Script / Technical
CUT / CUT OUT instantaneous transition (change) from a scene (or a shot, or another person) to another. Always typed in capital letters natychmiastowe przejście do następnego ujęcia lub sceny Development: Script / Technical
DOLLY, DOLLY IN / OUT camera movement towards or away from a subject, involving physical movement of the camera. Always typed in capital letters jazda, najeżdżać i odjeżdżać kamerą Development: Script / Technical
EXTERIOR, ext. denotes a shot taken outdoors ujęcie w plenerze Development: Script / Technical
EXTREME CLOSEUP (E.C.U.) a camera shot that is extremely close to a subject, used to emphasise some particular detail. Usually typed out in full in capital letters duże zbliżenie Development: Script / Technical
EXTREME LONG SHOT a camera shot usually taken from a long distance away from the subject. Always typed out in full in capital letters plan totalny Development: Script / Technical
FADE IN / FADE OUT a smooth, gradual transition from complete blackness to a scene (fade in); gradual transition from a scene to complete blackness (fade out). Always typed out in full in capital letters wygasanie / rozjaśnianie się ekranu do / z czerni, przejście między scenami Development: Script / Technical
foreground (f.g.) the area of the scene (objects or action) which is closest to the camera pierwszy, przedni plan Development: Script / Technical
freeze frame camera direction (which is really an optical printing or other effect) where a single frame is repeated over time to give the illusion that all action has stopped stop-klatka Development: Script / Technical
I/E (INT.EXT.) refers to shots taken in both an interior and an exterior location. For example, I/E would be used for a scene in which shots alternate between the interior and the exterior of a car. It will be up to the director and then the editor to determine when we see the inside of the location (the car) and the outside scena mająca miejsce zarówno we wnętrzu, jak i w plenerze Development: Script / Technical
INTERIOR, int. denotes a shot taken indoors ujęcie we wnętrzu Development: Script / Technical
isolate a tight focus on an object or person ujęcie skupiające się na danym zbliżeniu, niezależnie od tego, co dzieje się z innymi postaciami lub przestrzeniami w scenie Development: Script / Technical
long shot, wide shot camera shot that is taken at a considerable distance from the subject, usually containing a large number of background objects. Always spelled out in capital letters plan ogólny Development: Script / Technical
magic hour in film and video production, it is the period just before sunrise or just after sunset when the sun is not visible, yet its light is diffused evenly and has a soft quality that is considered ideal for creating atmospheric images złota godzina; pora dnia po wschodzie oraz przed zachodem słońca, w której występuje szczególne oświetlenie Development: Script / Technical
match cut an edit in which physical elements or actions in the first shot greatly resemble actions or physical elements in the next shot rodzaj przejścia montażowego - w obu scenach postacie lub przedmioty ustawione są w podobny sposób Development: Script / Technical
medium shot (med. shot) camera shot often used to describe a shot of character from approximately the waist up plan średni Development: Script / Technical
montage a scene heading which indicates a rapid succession of shots montaż, szybka sukcesja scen tworzących pewną narracyjną całość Development: Script / Technical
moving / moving shot camera shot which follows whatever is being filmed ujęcie w ruchu Development: Script / Technical
narration off-screen commentary, which is heard over the action. Also referred to as a voice over narracja Development: Script / Technical
offscreen (O.S.) indicates that the character speaking is not visible in the frame. Always abbreviated in all capital letters and enclosed in parentheses. Not the same as Voice Over (V.O.), in which the narrator is not one of the characters playing in the scene poza kadrem, np. wypowiedź postaci, której nie ma na ekranie Development: Script / Technical
pan a camera shot (from the word panorama) where the camera moves gradually from right to left or left to right, without stopping; to slowly move to another subject or setting without cutting the action ujęcie panoramiczne lub szwenk Development: Script / Technical
point of view (P.O.V.) a camera position that views a scene from the viewpoint of a particular character. Always abbreviated in capital letters with periods after each letter ujęcie realizowane z punktu widzenia konkretnej postaci Development: Script / Technical
storyboard a series of drawings or images showing the planned order of shots storyboard / scenorys, scenopis obrazkowy, seria szkiców będących wskazówkami przy filmowaniu Development: Script / Technical
SUPER (superimpose) the effect of showing one image over another. Always typed in capital letters podwójna ekspozycja Development: Script / Technical
two-shot camera shot of two people, usually from the waist up ujęcie z dwiema osobami w kadrze Development: Script / Technical
voiceover (V.O.) audio from an unseen narrator accompanying video, heard above background sound or music voice over, głos lektora Development: Script / Technical
wipe a wide variety of patterned transitions in which images seem to move (or push) other images off the screen roletka (sposób montażu filmu, w którym jedna klatka stopniowo zastępuje drugą) Development: Script / Technical
zoom in / zoom out a quick transition from a long shot to a close shot or the reverse, usually achieved by manipulating the camera's lens przejście z planu ogólnego do bliskiego i odwrotnie Development: Script / Technical
10-1 the walkie-talkie code for the bathroom kod walkie-talkie dot. potrzeby skorzystania z toalety Production
1st AC (First Assistant Cameraman) keeps the camera in focus ostrzyciel / focus puller Production
abby singer named after Abner Singer, a well-known Production Manager in Hollywood’s heyday, refers to the second-to-last shot of the day. Abner always called out the penultimate shot of a setup, scene, and day przedostatnie ujęcie dnia Production
action this is the Principal Actors cue to start akcja Production
aerial shot a shot from the sky using drones or helicopters, to get dramatic high, low and sweeping angles ujęcie wykonane podczas lotu dronem, helikopterem, itd. Production
apple or apple box a wooden crate that comes in several sizes used for all sorts of purposes, from adding a few extra inches to a shorter actor to propping up a dolly track. Apple boxes are managed by the grip department drewniane skrzynie dostępne w kilku rozmiarach, na planie używana do różnych celów, np. jako podest dla aktora albo mocowanie dla kamery. Zajmuje się nimi grip Production
art department the team responsible for creating the overall look of a television show or feature film, as determined by the director pion scenograficzny Production
aspect ratio the aspect ratio of an image is the ratio of its width to its height, and is expressed with two numbers separated by a colon, such as 16:9, sixteen-to-nine. For the x:y aspect ratio, the image is x units wide and y units high. Common aspect ratios are 1.85:1 and 2.39:1 for cinema, 4:3 and 16:9 for TV and 3:2 for stills format obrazu, proporcje obrazu, współczynnik proporcji Production
assistant cameramen performs other tasks related to running the camera department, like managing the gear or working the clapper board. Works under the cinematographer or director of photography. A person in this role will recommend cameras, lenses and other support gear asystent operatora kamery /może to być np. 1st AC = focus puller/ostrzyciel lub 2nd AC = clapper loader/asystent kamery - techniczny itd. Production
backlot americanism. An open air part of the studio where sets can be constructed duży obszar używany przez studio filmowe do budowy dekoracji, zazwyczaj mieszczący się na tyłach studio czy hali Production
base camp the area at or near a shooting location from where the company operates. This is the location where the equipment of vehicles are parked, along with wardrobe, hair, makeup, crafty, and trailers for talent. kamp, baza Production
best boy the person who helps the gaffer (= the person responsible for the electrical work) when a film or television programme is being made oświetlacz Production
bird's eye view a shot from high in the sky looking down on a subject and/or their surroundings. Also called an overhead shot ujęcie z lotu ptaka Production
blocking the process of working out where to position all the cameras and lights, based on where the actors are going to be standing and moving throughout a scene ustalenie ruchów kamery w odniesieniu do inscenizacji i ruchów danego autora Production
bluescreen sometimes called greenscreen or chroma-key. Filming takes place against a blue or green background. The background can then be replaced by a different location tło koloru niebieskiego lub zielonego (greenscreen) służące do filmowania, zastępowane następnie obrazem jakiejś lokalizacji Production
body cast a cast made of part of your body or even your whole body odlew sylwetki lub części ciała Production
bridging shot a shot is a shot that indicates the passage of time between two scenes, like a montage of seasons or newspaper headlines changing ujęcie w filmie wskazujące na upływ czasu pomiędzy dwiema scenami Production
call sheet a daily report normally produced by the 2nd AD. Given to the crew so they know what is being filmed that day zdjęciowy plan pracy Production
call time the time to report to a given location godzina, na którą nalży pojawić się na danej lokacji Production
casting director a perosn responsible for casting the Actors reżyser obsady Production
check the gate checking a part of the camera to ensure no unwanted objects such as hairs have gone across the lens polecenia sprawdzenia czy żadne niepożądane zanieczyszczenia nie dostały się na obiektyw Production
clapper loader the person who loads the film into the camera asystent kamery odpowiedzialny za ładowanie negatywu do kamery Production
clapper, clapboard, clacker, slate person operating the slate in order help the editor synchronize sound and vision in postproduction klapser Production
close up type of shot where only a small part of an actor's body (typically a face) or object is visible in the frame zbliżenie Production
cold brick a dead walkie-talkie battery rozładowana bateria walkie-talkie Production
confirmed booking a firm commitment to work on a particular day potwierdzone zlecenie pracy w konkretnym dniu Production
continuity a sequence filming over more than one day, or more than shot. It is therefore essential that nothing changes to upset the continuity of the scene kontynuacja, ciągłość akcji Production
continuous working day/night a filming day or night with no meal break, a running buffet is provided while filming continues realizacja zdjęć bez przerwy na posiłek, w trakcie filmowania zapewniony jest bufet Production
costume fitting trying on a costume fitted before filming przymiarka kostiumów Production
craft services tea, coffee and water station catering na planie Production
crane shot the camera may pan up at great height. A crane is used to lift the camera into the air ujęcie z kranu/dźwigu Production
creative producer a person involved to partake in every aspect of the creative processes bringing a great story to life through film. From conception to development, funding, pre-production, filming, post-production, release and distribution producent kreatywny Production
crew a group of people who work together on set, excluding the talent (actors etc.) ekipa filmowa Production
crowd assistant director coordinates larger crowds of extras for the background of scenes, helping to organise the transport and logistics of shooting with a crowd. They may also direct members of the public or keep them off-set koordynator ds. statystów Production
crowd base the gathering area where the cast waits before being called onto set (also known as holding area) miejsce, w którym obsada czeka przed wezwaniem na plan Production
cut the cue to stop the scene cięcie Production
deep focus it refers to a technique where all elements of an image—foreground, middle ground, and background—are all in sharp focus pełna głębia ostrości Production
diegetic sound diegetic sound is any sound that emanates from the story world of the film. The source of diegetic sound doesn't necessarily need to be seen on screen, as long as the audience understands that it is coming from something within the film dźwięk diagetyczny (dialog postaci widocznych w kadrze lub muzyka płynąca ze źródła, które jest obecne w obrazie lub którego źródło zakładamy, że jest) Production
DoP, DP, director of photography also known as the DP (US), DoP (world) or cinematographer, is the person responsible for creating the look of a film. The DP controls everything that affects what the camera is able to capture (i.e. composition, exposure, lighting, filters, and camera movements). The director of photography is the head of the camera and lighting crews on set, and also selects the cameras, lenses, and filters to be used on a shoot operator filmu, autor zdjęć Production
double a person used when the actor is not available. Usually from long distance or from behind, or for a part of the body such as hands and feet dubler Production
electrician/spark a person working for the gaffer in the light department, operating lighting gear oświetlacz Production
equity a union that represents actors in the UK, US and Canada związek zawodowy aktorów (w Wielkiej Brytanii, USA i Kanadzie) Production
establishing shot a general view of any location or building plan ogólny, plan total, ujęcie wprowadzające nową scenę Production
eye line it is where actors look while acting in a scene linia wzroku Production
first AD (first assistanat director) the director's right hand, handles the logistics of running the set during production. They are the liaison between the director and the rest of the crew. They create and manage the shooting schedule and shot lists, coordinating with all department heads II reżyser planowy Production
from the top to start the scene from the beginning rozpoczęcie sceny od początku Production
gaffer the person responsible for the lights and other electrical equipment used when making a film or television programme mistrz oświetlenia Production
gel a transparent coloured material that is used in theatre, event production, photography, videography and cinematography to colour light and for colour correction filtr foliowy barwny Production
generator/genny a machine that produces electrical power agregat Production
grip a technician who handles and maintains equipment (such as cameras and their dollies and cranes) gripowiec Production
hold the red a cue that another take is about to happen komenda komunikująca, że wkrótce nastąpi kolejne ujęcie Production
honey wagon a portable outdoor toilet toaleta samojezdna lub ciągana Production
hot brick a fully charged walkie-talkie battery w pełni naładowana bateria walkie-talkie Production
hot set a film set in which furniture and props have been positioned for an imminent shoot, so labelled to prevent said items from being moved and thus compromising continuity in the finished product plan gotowy do rozpoczęcia zdjęć, odpowiednio oznakowany na potrzeby kontynuacji Production
insert a shot within a scene which calls attention to a specific piece of information, usually an inanimate object ujęcie niewynikające zazwyczaj z akcji w danej scenie, wstawione w nią w celu przekazania informacji lub skupiania uwagi widza na szczególe, który inaczej nie byłby do wychwycenia Production
key grip the person in a film crew who is in charge of additional camera equipment, such as dollies, cranes, etc. główny gripowiec Production
lavalier a lav mic or clip mic, is a small, discreet microphone attached to the performer's body to pick up sound during filming mikrofon krawatowy (przyczepiany np. do marynarki), mikroport Production
location a place where a filming happens when it's not done at a studio lokacja / plan zdjęciowy Production
location department people responsible for securing filming locations pion osób odpowiedzialnych za znalezienie i zakontraktowanie lokacji do filmu Production
long shot, wide shot camera shot that is taken at a considerable distance from the subject, usually containing a large number of background objects. Always spelled out in capital letters plan ogólny Production
martini shot last shot of the day ostatnie ustawienie kamery w ciągu dnia Production
master shot a wide shot that covers the main action throughout długie, nieprzerwane ujęcie całej sceny Production
matte it refers to the static, painted landscape in the background of a live-action scene that gives the illusion of a sprawling environment ujęcie, którego tło może być zmienione Production
mid shot a shot of the top half of the body plan średni Production
mise-en-scène the stage design and arrangement of actors in scenes for a theatre or film production, both in visual arts through storyboarding, visual theme, and cinematography, and in narrative storytelling through direction inscenizacja Production
night shoot filming through the night. No set hours but could start as early as 4pm and finish as late as 7am zdjęcia nocne Production
pencilled booking a provisional booking, yet to be confirmed wstępna rezerwacja terminu, do potwierdzenia Production
pick up a small, relatively minor shot filmed or recorded after the fact to augment footage already shot krótkie ujęcie filmowane w celu uzupełnienia już nakręconego materiału filmowego Production
production designer makes decisions regarding elements related to set design, as well as deals with the creation and/or rental of such pieces scenograf Production
production office the headquarters behind the set, usually headed by the Production Manager biuro produkcji Production
prop any object you may be given in addition to your costume that is movable, such as a sword or rifle rekwizyt Production
prop(s) master (property master) responsible for purchasing, acquiring, manufacturing, properly placing, and/or overseeing any props needed for a production rekwizytor Production
prosthetic an artificial body part, applied in the make-up dept proteza, np. sztuczny nos, podbródek, itp. Production
rehearsal a try out of a scene before filming próba sceny Production
reset moving the camera to a different position przestawienie kamery w inne miejsce, czasem też powrót do oryginalnego ustawienia Production
runner or PA (Production Assistent) can be instructed do anything at all to support the ADs and Production Office. From collecting people to and from the set to taking lunch orders or picking up faxes dyżurny planu Production
rushes the initial prints of a scene or scenes before editing, usually prepared daily nieobrobiona kopia robocza materiału z danego dnia Production
second AD (second assistanat director) creates the daily call sheets from the production schedule, in cooperation with the production coordinator. The 'second' also serves as the 'backstage manager', liaising with actors, putting cast through make-up and wardrobe, which relieves the 'first' of these duties II reżyser biurowy Production
second unit a completely separate crew, filming different scenes to the main unit, often insert or pick-up shots druga ekipa robiąca zdjęcia do tego samego filmu, które nie wymagają udziału głównych aktorów Production
set a place where filming takes place plan zdjęciowy Production
shot/reverse shot or shot/countershot a film technique where one character is shown looking at another character (often off-screen), and then the other character is shown looking back at the first character przeciwujęcie, kontrplan Production
sides the pages of the script that are being shot during that day in production strony scenariusza na dany dzień zdjęciowy Production
socket, plug where you plug-in electrical devices gniazdko elektryczne, wtyczka Production
soundstage a soundproof, large structure, building, or room with large doors and high ceilings, used for the production of theatrical film-making and television productions, usually located on a secured movie or television studio property studio filmowe Production
special FX special effects can be anything used in shot such as fire, wind, rain or snow wizualne efekty specjalne, często komputerowe Production
stand by this is a warning that filming is about to commence być w pogotowiu Production
stand in a person used in place of an actor to set up initial lighting and camera. Usually of a similar height age and skin tone to the actor dubler (zastępujący aktora) Production
steadicam a harness that allows the camera to be attached to a camera operator. This reduces or eliminates the unsteadiness of the motion by the operator stabilizacja kamery Production
stunt an exciting action, usually in a film, that is dangerous or appears dangerous and usually needs to be done by someone skilled popis kaskaderski Production
stunt coordinator usually an experienced stunt performer, hired by a TV, film or theatre director or production company for stunt casting koordynator kaskaderów Production
stuntman / stuntwoman a person who performs dangerous acts usually within the television or film production industry kaskader, kaskaderka Production
swing gang people who perform several tasks, which are not specific to other departments, like moving large furniture at a set decorator's request or setting up catering tables before lunch dyżurni Production
take filming of a particular sequence ujęcie Production
third AD (third assistanat director) coordinates the movements and direction of extras and maintains a clear channel of communication between cast and crew asystent reżysera / II reżysera Production
tilt the camera moves either up or down płynny ruch kamery w linii pionowej Production
tracking shot or dolly the camera moves smoothly forwards or backwards by running on tracks ujęcie z wózka Production
unit base this is where the production team will base itself on any given day when on location baza produkcji w plenerze Production
wardrobe department the team responsible for making, arranging, and taking care of all of the costumes and accessories that are worn by actors and extras in a television or film production pion kostiumografa Production
what's your 20? What is your location? zapytanie o czyjąś lokalizację Production
wild track a recording of atmospheric sound nagranie dźwiękowe mające być zsynchronizowane z filmem lub wideo, ale będące zarejestrowane osobno Production
wrap this indicates the end of the filming day koniec zdjęć Production
digital reconstruction the process of improving the quality of the footage, including improvement of resolution, removing dirt and scratches, image cleaning, and additionally replacing objects in 3D from time to time cyfrowa rekonstrukcja Post-production: 35mm Workflow
dust-busting removal of visible dust and scratches after film has been digitised czyszczenie negatywu Post-production: 35mm Workflow
film stock an analog medium that is used for recording motion pictures or animation. It is recorded on by a movie camera, developed, edited, and projected onto a screen using a movie projector taśma filmowa Post-production: 35mm Workflow
reels it's traditional to discuss the length of theatrical motion pictures in terms of 'reels'. The standard length of a 35 mm film reel is 1,000 feet (305 m), which runs approximately 11 minutes for sound film (24 frames per second) and about 15 minutes for silent film at the more-or-less standard speed of 18 frames per second rolka filmu Post-production: 35mm Workflow
colour correction or grading the process by which the colour and luminance values of video footage is altered for colour accuracy and image fidelity korekcja barwna Post-production: Colour Grading
colour decision list (CDL) a format for the exchange of basic primary colour grading information between equipment and software from different manufacturers format wymiany podstawowych informacji o decyzjach kolorystycznych między sprzętem i oprogramowaniem różnych producentów Post-production: Colour Grading
contrasty (of a photograph, film, or television picture) showing a high degree of contrast kontrastowy Post-production: Colour Grading
grading artist / colourist colourists contribute to the mood and look of a film by defining its colours. They work with the director and director of photography to decide the palette; whether it's restrained or hyper-coloured, whether it uses milky colours or primary ones kolorysta Post-production: Colour Grading
high dynamic range (HDR) a modern standard of colour coding that significantly improves the visual quality of an image. This generates additional costs due to the slightly longer colour correction process and the production of an additional master. Today, HDR-enabled cinemas are opening up, and broadcasters treat HDR as the broadcasting standard wysoka rozpiętość tonalna Post-production: Colour Grading
LUT stands for Look-up Table. A tool that lets filmmakers, editors, and colourists save particular colour grades as a template. Think of a LUT as a colour preset that a filmmaker can readily turn to when working on a project LUT Post-production: Colour Grading
nit a luminous intensity unit nit Post-production: Colour Grading
P3 DCI-P3; a colour space or set of colours, created by the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) and Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineer (SMPTE) in an attempt to standardize the colours used in the film industry P3 Post-production: Colour Grading
alpha channel a channel in an image or movie clip that controls the opacity region kanał alfa Post-production: Digital Intermediate
anamorphic footage (widescreen) that has been stretched vertically in-camera or during the post production process that results in the widescreen image filling up the whole of a screen Anamorficzny /anamorfotyczny materiał filmowy (panoramiczny), który został zwężony lub rozciągnięty Post-production: Digital Intermediate
bit depth refers to the colour information stored in an image. The higher the bit depth of an image, the more colours it can store. The simplest image, a 1 bit image, can only show two colours, black and white. That is because the 1 bit can only store one of two values, 0 (white) and 1 (black) głębia bitowa Post-production: Digital Intermediate
cinemascope an anamorphic system used for filming widescreen movies raised in the 1950s pierwszy system filmu panoramicznego, sposób realizacji szerokoekranowej umożliwiający projekcję filmów o proporcjach obrazu 2.66:1, dwukrotnie dłuższego od standardowego 1.33 Post-production: Digital Intermediate
codec a piece of software designed to encode and/or decode video data into a form readable by a computer kodek, oprogramowanie przeznaczone do kodowania i/lub dekodowania danych wideo do postaci czytelnej dla komputera Post-production: Digital Intermediate
colour pipeline represents the essential colour space definitions, transforms, and deliverables for a project. This usually requires knowledge of the source(s), working, and final delivery colour spaces to ensure that all points in a colour pipeline are aligned. This must be defined in coordination with all departments responsible for viewing, sending, and receiving images on a production zarządzanie kolorem Post-production: Digital Intermediate
colour space a model describing the way colours can be represented. Due to the complexity of digital workflows nowadays, it is important to pay extra attention to the colour-pipeline throughout the whole process of post-production. Different colour spaces might cause different film looks on different devices. Most common colour spaces are called REC709 (TV/Internet), P3 (cinema), REC2020 (HDR ready). przestrzeń barw Post-production: Digital Intermediate
conforming process the process of replacing lower-quality media in an edit or a shot with higher-quality media, usually camera-original files konforming Post-production: Digital Intermediate
data pipeline "a series of data-processing steps from the camera recording up to the final mastering process, including all important information about process and parties involved" zarządzanie danymi Post-production: Digital Intermediate
DPF, TIFF, EXR file formats of frames exported from raw footage for colour correction and VFX. The choice of format depends on the needs and workflow of a given post-production studio DPF, TIFF, EXR Post-production: Digital Intermediate
frame a frame is one of the many still images which compose the complete moving picture kadr, klatka Post-production: Digital Intermediate
frame rate the frequency (rate) at which consecutive images (frames) are captured or displayed klatki na sekundę Post-production: Digital Intermediate
handle extra material beyond the in and out points to allow a clip to be extended and provide additional material for transitions zakładka Post-production: Digital Intermediate
interlace an image that consists of two half-height fields that combine to create a full image. This is the opposite of progressive scanning, in which the image is comprised of single frames przeplot Post-production: Digital Intermediate
metadata "information that is given to describe or help use of other information or data; In post-production, metadata is crucial to optimize the workflow by efficient sorting, managing and analysing of the material recorded, enabling proper grading, as well as managing VFXs etc." metadane Post-production: Digital Intermediate
reference monitor characterised by the perfect reproduction of the image, it is used to evaluate the recorded material, in particular its colours. A monitor is considered reference if it covers the entire colour space in which a movie is created. Used to record professional effects and create 3D animations, it is also distinguished by high contrast and high brightness. An additional function is the control panel that allows for remote control monitor referencyjny Post-production: Digital Intermediate
render time  the time it takes an editing computer to composite source elements and commands into a single video file so the sequence, including titles and transition effects, can play in full motion czas renderowania Post-production: Digital Intermediate
slow motion a shot in which action takes place at a slower than normal speed. It is achieved by speeding up the camera during recording and then playing back the frames at a slower frame rate. zwolnione tempo Post-production: Digital Intermediate
standard dynamic range (SDR) the current standard for video and cinema displays (0,05 - 100 cd/m2). It is limited by its ability to only represent a fraction of the dynamic range that HDR is capable of standardowa rozpiętość tonalna Post-production: Digital Intermediate
titling  process or result of incorporating on-screen text as credits, captions or any other alphanumeric communication nadawanie tytułów Post-production: Digital Intermediate
VFX pulls the process of extracting or “pulling” a shot to deliver for VFX work wydanie klatek do efektów Post-production: Digital Intermediate
what you see is what you get WYSIWYG a workflow setup that reassures that the way something is displayed on any screen is the way it will displayed in any further post-production stage, as well as in the final master. It’s important from the creative perspective, but also for the technology specialists to be able to spot any issues. The director should see the same (or similar) looking image on set, in the edit and in all further steps akronim stosowany dla określenia metod postprodukcyjnych, które zapewniają wyświetlanie takiego samego obrazu na różnych ekranach w kolejnych etapach postproduckji i w ostatecznej wersji materiału Post-production: Digital Intermediate
white balance The process of adjusting a digital camera so that it interprets the brightest areas of the image as pure white. This prevents unrealistic colour casts. balans bieli Post-production: Digital Intermediate
colour gamut describes a range of colours within the spectrum of colours, or a colour space, that can be reproduced on an output device. Depending on how wide the gamut is, every screen will display different quantities of colour gamut Post-production: Digital Intermediate & Grading
assistant editor prepares footage files for editing, synchronises audio with image, exports previews, and is often responsible for pre-editing of certain scenes or sequences. Assistant Editor can be considered the gatekeeper of an editing project asystent montażysty Post-production: Editing
cloud video editing modern technology allows editors to work remotely. In practice, footage files stored in the cloud allow the editor and assistant editor to access them anywhere with the appropriate editing software montaż w chmurze Post-production: Editing
cross-fade (also dissolve, fade) simultaneous fade-in of one audio or video source as another fades out so that they overlap temporarily. Also called a dissolve przenikanie Post-production: Editing
cut  instantaneous change from one shot to another cięcie Post-production: Editing
cutaway  shot of something other than principal action (but peripherally related), frequently used as transitional footage or to avoid a jump cut krótkie ujęcie wmontowane w ujęcie podstawowe Post-production: Editing
data burn-in a test in which a system or component is made to run for an extended period of time to detect problems wypalanie danych w obrazie Post-production: Editing
director's cut an edited version of a film (or video game, television episode, music video, or commercial) that is supposed to represent the director's own approved edit in contrast to the theatrical release. 'Cut' explicitly refers to the process of film and game editing; in preparing a film for release, the director's cut is preceded by the assembly and rough editor's cut and usually followed by the final cut meant for the public film release and video game release wersja reżyserska Post-production: Editing
edit process or result of selectively sequencing video and/or audio clips into a new video file. Typically involves reviewing raw footage and transferring desired segments from source footage into a new predetermined sequence montaż Post-production: Editing
edit timeline "timeline is a graphical depiction of audio and video tracks. It consists of clips, put in sequences. Graphical representation enables efficient communication around the editing process and keeps track of the changes" timeline montażowy lub tzw. 'listwa' Post-production: Editing
editor's cut made by the film editor on their own, or working with the film director. The editor tapes together the first cut of the film, the 'editor's cut', arranging the separate takes into a coherent story according to the plan communicated by the director. The editor's version of the film will often be as much as two hours beyond the final running time of the film układka montażowa Post-production: Editing
ingest editing station "a station at the image post-vendor facility where the assistant editor is able to work on the project (parallel to the editor). It can be accessed remotely. It speeds up the workflow, as the sync of audio and project management may happen at the same time as the edit. Usually, an ingest station is cheaper for the producer to rent than a second editing room" stanowisko ds. montażu Post-production: Editing
jump cut  unnatural, abrupt switch between shots identical in subject but slightly different in screen location, so the subject appears to jump from one screen location to another cięcie skokowe, przeskok montażowy Post-production: Editing
montage sequence a montage sequence is a number of scenes put together to present a longer period of time in shorter screen time, for example to present the process of making bread in just one minute, or the training montage sequence from Rocky. There is usually background music and a selection of scenes put together to represent the time passing. There are also famous montage sequences from the Goodfellas, Wolf of Wallstreet etc. sekwencja montażu Post-production: Editing
picture lock picture lock is the last stage in the editing of a film, when all changes to the film cut have been done and approved by all parties. The edited film is then sent to subsequent stages in the process, such as colour grading, VFX, audio mixing etc. zamknięcie obrazu Post-production: Editing
producer's cut this stage comes after the director's cut and before the picture lock. It is a version of the footage developed by the producer and creators which is presented at the pre-release review układka producencka Post-production: Editing
rough cut  preliminary edit of footage in the approximate sequence, length and content of a finished program próbny montaż Post-production: Editing
rushes for editorial / proxy editorial files / MXFs as the material recorded by the camera is heavy, it would be impossible to preview and edit the OCFs themselves. Therefore, optimized, light-weight editorial proxy files are generated in the .MXF format. They enable the editor to work with optimized media on his workstation. After the edit is done, the conforming process re-links the original media again and recreates full quality again. The most common format of the optimized media is DNXHD36 in the .MXF container. This is why they are called just MXFs. pliki do montażu Post-production: Editing
transition any visual changes between two discrete scenes. Cuts, dissolves, fades and wipes are the most common types of transitions przejście montażowe Post-production: Editing
post-production any video production activity following initial recording. Typically involves editing, the addition of background music, voice over, sound effects, titles, and/or various visual effects. Results in completed production postprodukcja Post-production: General
post-production coordinator supports PPSupervisor koordynator postprodukcji Post-production: General
post-production supervisor the department head of the edit and post-production teams - a producer for post-production kierownik postprodukcji Post-production: General
waveform the curved shape of graph that shows a wave wykres reprezentujący poziom sygnału Post-production: General
aspect ratio the aspect ratio of an image is the ratio of its width to its height, and is expressed with two numbers separated by a colon, such as 16:9, sixteen-to-nine. For the x:y aspect ratio, the image is x units wide and y units high. Common aspect ratios are 1.85:1 and 2.39:1 for cinema, 4:3 and 16:9 for TV and 3:2 for stills format obrazu, proporcje obrazu, współczynnik proporcji Post-production: On-set Workflow
backup strategy a plan to structure and work with active data, and how to create and maintain backups, and long term archives. There are different risks associated with different types of storage and performance vs security vs price trade-offs strategia tworzenia kopii zapasowych Post-production: On-set Workflow
check sum a small-sized block of data derived from another block of digital data for the purpose of detecting errors that may have been introduced during its transmission or storage suma kontrolna Post-production: On-set Workflow
data wrangler (also known as 'Loader') secures the retrieval of unedited, raw footage from cameras and sound recorder cards data wrangler Post-production: On-set Workflow
digital imaging technician (DIT) supports the director of photography (DP). They work on colour correction on the set and the technological integrity of the data recorded on cameras. asystent kamery - DIT Post-production: On-set Workflow
disk array a disk storage system consisting of multiple disk drives where a backup of all original camera files (OCF) can be stored macierz dyskowa Post-production: On-set Workflow
linear tape-open (LTO) a technology for long-term data storage on magnetic tape that provides greater data security than disks Kaseta LTO Post-production: On-set Workflow
live grading the modification and interactive manipulation of the show LUT during shooting done on set korekcja kolorów na planie Post-production: On-set Workflow
original camera files (OCF) files recorded by the camera on set, most likely in raw (uncompressed) format oryginalne pliki kamerowe Post-production: On-set Workflow
proper hard drives the footage is the producer's treasure. In the new 4K resolution standard, the average weight of 1 hour of footage ranges from 0.7 TB to even 1.5 TB. Therefore, when buying disks, pay attention to their read/write speed odpowiednie dyski twarde Post-production: On-set Workflow
RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)  a method of configuring hard drives to increase data access speed, reliability or some combination of both RAID Post-production: On-set Workflow
sensor format sometimes referred to as “optical format” or “sensor size”, refers to the shape and size of the image sensor in a digital camera format matrycy (w kamerze) Post-production: On-set Workflow
shooting ratio or 'Bertolo code' the ratio between the total duration of its footage created for possible use in a project and that which appears in its final cut. A film with a shooting ratio of 2:1 would have shot twice the amount of footage than was used in the film stosunek między materiałem wykorzystanym, a całością materiału nagranego Post-production: On-set Workflow
2K, 4K or HD today’s technology sets 4K resolution as the standard for the final image. Its pixel count is about 4 times that of 2K or HD. Nevertheless, most cinemas around the world are equipped with 2K projectors, so DCP copies are made in 2K, but masters for VOD platforms usually 2K, 4K lub HD Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
A/B-roll editing A/B rolling is a technique used in film editing to hide ugly splices. When a splice (two pieces of film stuck together with splicing tape or glued with cement) rolls through a projector, the area of tape or glue will appear fuzzy. To eliminate this nasty blip in a finished film, the negative is a/b rolled montaż z różnych źródeł na urządzenie nagrywające Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
aliasing an effect that causes different signals to become indistinguishable (or aliases of one another) when sampled. It also often refers to the distortion or artifact that results when a signal reconstructed from samples is different from the original continuous signal uproszczenie krawędzi Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
artifact a type of the digital picture error. Might be related to the colour-space mismatch, pixel errors or the chroma aberration around the objects in the frame artefakt Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
audio clipping a form of waveform distortion that occurs when an amplifier is overdriven and attempts to deliver an output voltage or current beyond its maximum capability. Driving an amplifier into clipping may cause it to output power in excess of its power rating przesterowanie Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
chroma contamination is the improper bleeding of colour values adjacent to each other in frame or enhanced noise/ over-saturation within elements in a shot zanieczyszczenie chromatyczne Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
credits the list of the names of people and organizations who helped to make a movie or television program which is shown at the beginning or the end of it napisy początkowe i końcowe Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
deliverables list a list of things that must be completed or provided as part of a project spis materiałów wyjściowych Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
digital cinema initiative distribution master (DCDM) a set of uncompressed and unencrypted files that represent moving image content optimized for the electronic playback in theatres master cyfrowy w postaci nieskompresowanych plików Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
digital cinema package (DCP) a digital version of a 35mm film print created so that cinemas can display the video using a digital projector. It is recognised and accepted all over the world. It can be created and reproduced in multiple language copies according to the requirements of each cinema, country or festival cyfrowa kopia kinowa Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
frame error consists of a difference between the information presented in the frame and the intended information błąd klatki Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
interoperable master format (IMF) it evolved out of the Digital Cinema Package (DCP). It is designed to simplify the creation of multiple customised versions of the same content to suit different audiences, alternate languages or territorial compliance, among others. Its length can be easily adapted by a distributor or a sales agent to a given distribution medium IMF jest plikowym formatem multimedialnym, który upraszcza dostarczanie i przechowywanie audiowizualnych plików wzorcowych (masterów) przeznaczonych na wiele terytoriów i platform. Jest przystosowany przede wszystkim do dostarczania treści na platformy streamingowe na całym świecie Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
intertitle or title card a piece of filmed, printed text edited into the midst of (i.e. inter-) the photographed action at various points. Intertitles used to convey character dialogue are referred to as 'dialogue intertitles', and those used to provide related descriptive/narrative material are referred to as 'expository intertitles'.[1] In modern usage, the terms refer to similar text and logo material inserted at or near the start or end of films and television shows plansza tekstowa Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
luminance keying "setting the brightness level, and all brighter or darker pixels from the set level are turned off and will be transparent. A second clip or image can be inserted behind to show where the pixels have been turned off. Luminance keying is used when working with grayscale images. Compare with chroma key, which uses colours instead of brightness for transparency" kluczowanie jasności Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
luminance shift or flicker refers to a change/ multiple changes in the brightness levels within a shot/ scene przesunięcie w jasności / błyski Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
mastering the digital cinema mastering process starts with the creation of a Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM), a master version of the film that has been prepared for cinema exhibition. This means it conforms to the correct frame rate, aspect ratio, colour space and picture format mastering Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
material out of sync (MOS) incompatible files materiał asynchroniczny Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
non-graded archival master a fully texted image sequence of the non-colour graded, fully conformed and locked picture, including final VFX, rendered kopia archiwizacyjna z wszystkimi elementami, bez korekcji barwnej Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
pixel error refers to one or several pixels in a frame which do not display the correct captured information as the pixels surrounding them błąd piksela Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
qc protocol a table containing a list of all errors in the image and sound along with the indication of the place of their occurrence tabela zawierającą zestawienie wszystkich błędów w obrazie i dźwięku wraz z oznaczeniem miejsca ich występowania Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
qc-blocker the QC operator’s note to the image or audio that needs to be fixed. The final master will not be approved until it is resolved błąd wymagający korekty Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
qc-issue the QC operator’s note to the image or audio that raises a red flag but not necessarily needs to be fixed. It needs to be responded to in terms of whether it can or cannot be fixed or it is a Creative Intent from the beginning problem z obrazem lub dźwiękiem, który może, ale nie musi zostać naprawiony (w przeciwieństwie do blockera) Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
quality control operator (qc operator) a person who sets up playback devices, QC bays and monitors/ scopes according to established specifications. Verifies correct format, aspect ratio, audio configuration and file metadata based on client specifications and previous title history. Takes accurate line count and video/ audio measurements using industry standard waveform scopes and audio meters. Performs thorough mastering level quality control inspection noting any and all audio/ video impairments and anomalies. operator kontroli jakości Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
rendering the processing a computer undertakes when creating an applied effect, transition or composite renderowanie Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
snowball a term used by Netflix for a large disk array on which the final output and original camera and audio files are delivered określenie Netflixa na dużą macierz dyskową, na której dostarczane są finalne materiały wyjściowe oraz oryginalne pliki kamerowe i audio Post-production: Quality Control & Mastering
AAF a file format used to transfer audio between programs it retains all of the region names, placement, length, handles (so it can still be edited), volume data, clip gain, cross fades, fade ins/outs, pans, markers, and some fx AAF Post-production: Sound & Music
audio description (AD) a third person commentary added to film and television productions to make them accessible for visually impaired audiences. Traditionally, AD is added to productions after they have been completed, meaning that the creative and accessibility teams do not work together to produce the accessible version of the production audiodeskrypcja Post-production: Sound & Music
automated dialog recording (ADR) in film is the process of re-recording audio in a more controlled and quieter setting, usually in a studio. It involves the re-recording of dialog by the original actor after filming as a way to improve audio quality or reflect dialogue changes postsynchrony Post-production: Sound & Music
comping compiling the best portions of multiple takes into one superior take comping Post-production: Sound & Music
DME (Dialogue Music Effects) a file with dialogue, music, and effects split into separate stems plik z dialogami, muzyką i efektami podzielonymi na osobne ścieżki Post-production: Sound & Music
dolby atmos an encoding technology that enables the transmission of an unlimited number of audio tracks, which are then dynamically transferred to the cinema’s speakers, according to its equipment and configuration possibilities. This means that Atmos allows us to define a specific place in the cinema hall from which a given sound should be heard by the recipient standard dźwięku przestrzennego Post-production: Sound & Music
foley created by the sound artist mimicking the actual sound source in a recording studio imitowany efekt dźwiękowy Post-production: Sound & Music
lip sync  proper synchronization of video with audio, lip movement with audible speech synchronizacja według ruchu ust dialogu z obrazem Post-production: Sound & Music
loop a short section of recorded music that is repeated all through a song or part of a song loop, pętla Post-production: Sound & Music
loop groups is when a group of actors go into a recording booth to fill the landscape of sound for all the extras, crowd scenes and sometimes actors’ dialogue gwary / nagrania gwarów Post-production: Sound & Music
M&E (Music and Effects) a sound mix of a film without any original dialogue ton międzynarodowy, tj. wersja dźwięku filmu pozbawiona dialogów Post-production: Sound & Music
nonsynchronous sound audio without precisely matching visuals. Usually recorded separately, includes wild sound, sound effects, or music incorporated in post-production dźwięk niesynchroniczny Post-production: Sound & Music
premix preliminary mix of all tracks performed multiple times during audio post-production before the final mix is completed premiks Post-production: Sound & Music
re-recording (RR) the process by which the audio track of a film or video production is created. An audio re-recording is often called a re-recording of music. As sound elements are mixed and combined the process necessitates 're-recording' all of the audio elements, such as dialogue, music, sound effects, by the sound re-recording mixer(s) to achieve the desired result, which is the final soundtrack that the audience hears when the finished film is played zgranie Post-production: Sound & Music
score original music written specifically to accompany a film. The score comprises a number of orchestral, instrumental, or choral pieces called cues, which are timed to begin and end at specific points during the film in order to enhance the dramatic narrative and the emotional impact of the scene in question muzyka filmowa Post-production: Sound & Music
sound bite any short recorded audio segment for use in an edited material fragment nagranego audio (np. fragment wywiadu) użytego w zmontowanym już materiale jako highligh Post-production: Sound & Music
sound effects  contrived audio, usually pre-recorded, incorporated with a video soundtrack to resemble a real occurrence. Blowing on a microphone, for example, might simulate wind to accompany hurricane images efekty dźwiękowe Post-production: Sound & Music
sound facility a recording studio specialised in sound recording, mixing, and audio production of instrumental or vocal musical performances, spoken words, and other sounds studio dźwiękowe Post-production: Sound & Music
soundtrack  the audio portion of a video recording, often multifaceted with natural sound, voiceovers, background music, etc. ścieżka dźwiękowa Post-production: Sound & Music
stems audio tracks in separate files ścieżki audio w osobnych plikach Post-production: Sound & Music
sweetening  post-production process of adding music and sound effects or otherwise enhancing the existing audio with filters and other effects proces postprodukcji polegający na dodawaniu muzyki i efektów dźwiękowych lub w inny sposób ulepszaniu istniejącego dźwięku za pomocą filtrów i innych efektów Post-production: Sound & Music
synchronous sound audio recorded with images so the words sync with the mouth dźwięk synchroniczny Post-production: Sound & Music
temporary music or scores compilations of placeholder music—typically from other film scores—that are edited to punctuate an early cut of a movie. For the composer, a temp score may serve as a guide to what the filmmakers hope to achieve in terms of tone, tempo, and intensity for the final score muzyka referencyjna podkładana na etapie montażu, najczęściej z innych filmów Post-production: Sound & Music
timecode (TC) a sequence of numeric codes used to record video and audio that keeps both tracks in sync. Today’s technology allows for more precise ongoing revision of the uniformity of sound and image. This is one of the basic pieces of information required to keep working on the next post-production steps, i.e. image and sound editing, conforming, VFX and colour correction. The source timecode is the basis of the work. When editing is complete, an output timecode is created and it determines the length of the assembled footage kod czasowy Post-production: Sound & Music
voiceover (V.O.) audio from an unseen narrator accompanying video, heard above background sound or music voice over, głos lektora Post-production: Sound & Music
2D, 2.5D & 3D 2D in VFX refers to a type of compositing in which an element is added or removed in two dimensions without the depth perception typical of 3D. 2.5D is a clever combination of the two, where the main compositing is in 2D, but contains animated elements that simulate a three-dimensional appearance, when in fact they are not 3D 2D, 2.5D & 3D Post-production: VFX
3D environment it can be taken as a computer-controlled digital setting, which appears as a background in the videogames and animated movies. It is created with the illusion of depth. It can be done for both: outdoor and indoor location with the help of each location setting, the viewer can get visually specific sensations środowisko 3D Post-production: VFX
clean-up removing any unwanted characters, objects, effects from the footage and audio czyszczenie Post-production: VFX
compositing combining two or more layers of an image. These can be both filmed shots and digitally generated layers. In order to achieve the final shot łączenie warstw obrazu Post-production: VFX
computer-generated imagery (CGI) computer graphics, generated digitally and applied to a camera shot obrazy generowane internetowo Post-production: VFX
digital matte painting (DMPs) a digital representation of a landscape, set, or distant location that allows filmmakers to create the illusion of an environment that is not present at the filming location. It's created using photo references, 3-D models, and drawing tablets. Matte painters combine their digitally matte painted textures within computer-generated 3-D environments, allowing for 3-D camera movement cyfrowa warstwa obrazu, tzw. 'cyfrowa podmalówka' Post-production: VFX
keyframes / keyframing keyframing is the simplest form of animating an object. Based on the notion that an object has a beginning state or condition and will be changing over time, in position, form, colour, luminosity, or any other property, to some different final form klatki kluczowe Post-production: VFX
keying the process of separating the layers of the image based on the given parameters (e.g. brightness or colour) kluczowanie Post-production: VFX
rigging the process of creating the bone structure of a 3D model. This bone structure is used to manipulate the 3D model like a puppet for animation dodawanie cyfrowego szkieletu do zaprojektowanego modelu postaci. Rigging, umożliwia wprowadzenie postaci w ruch i rozpoczęcie animacji Post-production: VFX
rotoscoping the technique of manually creating a matte or mask for an element on a live-action plate so it may be composited over another background rotoskopia Post-production: VFX
VFX breakdown a table compiling all the effects in the film. It contains information about the shot, its characteristics, its location in the film and the scope of works tabela zawierająca listę wszystkich efektów użytych w filmie wraz z informacjami o danym ujęciu, umiejscowieniu w filmie, jego charakterystyce i zakresie wykonanych prac Post-production: VFX
VFX spotting "the term spotting is used in the motion-picture and video production industries to refer to the process of deciding where within a film the specific elements (VFX, Sound effects) will be located. It happens during the screening of (most likely) the locked-cut" spotting, tzw. 'pokaz przeglądowy, sesja przeglądowa' Post-production: VFX
virtual production a range of processes and technologies that combine physical and virtual elements using a suite of software tools. Studios can film on a stage and view virtual graphics together in real-time produkcja wirtualna Post-production: VFX
mask  used to apply changes to a specific area of the image. Track masks follow a moving subject through either manual or automatic animation of the mask’s parameters maska Post-production: VFX & Grading
applicable law the laws of a jurisdiction that apply to a particular transaction or agreement prawo właściwe Distribution: Agreement
back end the conditions that are part of an agreement that refer to providing the author, screenwriter, or others that participate in the deal with a right to some of the profits that come after the film sells warunki będące częścią umowy, które odnoszą się do przyznania autorowi, scenarzyście lub innym osobom, np. producentowi, prawa do zysków, które pojawią się po osiągnięciu przez film progu rentowności, niezależnie od przychodów wynikających z wkładów finansowych Distribution: Agreement
billing block a performing arts term used in referring to the order and other aspects of how credits are presented for plays, films, television, or other creative work stopka z nazwiskami i/lub logotypami firm zaangażowanymi w produkcję Distribution: Agreement
deal terms the conditions that are part of an agreement or arrangement warunki umowy Distribution: Agreement
exploitation period the period specified in the terms of the contract during which the exploitation activities may take place okres eksploatacji Distribution: Agreement
film poster a poster used to promote and advertise a film primarily to persuade paying customers into a cinema to see it plakat filmowy Distribution: Agreement
gross receipts money from sales, before costs and taxes are taken away wpływy brutto Distribution: Agreement
licensee a person who is given a license or permission to do something licencjobiorca Distribution: Agreement
licensor a person who gives or grants a license licencjodawca Distribution: Agreement
materials delivery a process of providing a licensee with physical or digital video materials, publicity materials and legal materials related to the film dostawa materiałów Distribution: Agreement
net receipts money from sales, after costs and taxes are taken away wpływy netto Distribution: Agreement
payment terms instructions on how to process the payment warunki płatności Distribution: Agreement
recoupable distribution costs all direct, verifiable, out-of-pocket, reasonable and necessary costs and expenses, exclusive of salaries and overhead, less any discounts, credits, rebates or similar allowances, actually paid by Distributor for exploiting each Licensed Right odzyskiwalne koszty dystrybucji Distribution: Agreement
recoupment to get back the equivalent of the some of money invested odzyskiwalne koszty dystrybucji Distribution: Agreement
statements a document that identifies all gross receipts received, all recoupable costs paid (and to whom they are paid), and all exchange rates applicable to each licensed territory dokument, który identyfikuje uzyskane wpływy brutto, zapłacone koszty podlegające zwrotowi oraz kursy wymiany zastosowane dla każdego licencjonowanego terytorium Distribution: Agreement
sub-distribution fees fees of any Third Party or any Affiliate of Distributor that has entered into a written agreement with Distributor for the distribution of Products anywhere in the Territory opłaty subdystrybucyjne Distribution: Agreement
termination for default "exercise of the contractual right to completely or partially terminate a contract because of the contractor's actual or anticipated failure to perform its contractual obligations For further information on TERMINATION, DEFAULT, BREACH AND REMEDIES please see IFTA® INTERNATIONAL STANDARD TERMS" rozwiązanie / wypowiedzenie umowy z powodu niedotrzymania warunków Distribution: Agreement
territory an area in which a party operates, such as a 'sales territory'. A territory's size and the degree of exclusivity are often important commercial consideration in international trade specially in distribution agreements terytorium Distribution: Agreement
digital distribution a distribution method in which media content, such as video, is delivered without the use of physical media, typically by downloading or streaming from the internet dystrybucja cyfrowa Distribution: Direct and Retail
educational distribution often part of 'non-theatrical' rights and generally refers to distribution to schools and libraries (not film festivals or theatres) dystrybucja w celach edukacyjnych Distribution: Direct and Retail
capped expenses an expense limit ograniczenie na wydatki Distribution: Finance
cross-collateralisation "the act of using an asset that's collateral for an initial loan as collateral for a second loan. In film distribution, it means cross-securing of the programme receivables under the rights to the programme granted to the Licensee For further information please see IFTA® INTERNATIONAL STANDARD TERMS" zabezpieczenie krzyżowe należności za program w ramach udzielonych Licencjobiorcy praw do programu Distribution: Finance
licence fee money paid for a right or ability to use a film on the terms specified in the licence agreement opłata licencyjna Distribution: Finance
minimum guarantee (MG) a minimum guarantee is an initial sum that is paid to the producer by the distributor irrespective of how the film performs gwarancja minimalna Distribution: Finance
revenue money that a company receives, especially from selling goods or services przychód Distribution: Finance
revenue sharing the practice of sharing a business's profits and losses among different groups within or associated with that business udział w zyskach i stratach Distribution: Finance
accreditation the fact of being officially recognised, accepted, or approved of, or the act of officially recognising, accepting, or approving of something. At film festivals, accreditation entitles the holder first priority admission to press and industry screenings, the possibility to see all selected films of the festival and to request tickets for public screenings that have no priority access for pass holders, among others akredytacja Distribution: General
box office results income from ticket sales wyniki box office Distribution: General
broadcast to transmit nadawać program Distribution: General
broadcaster an organisation that broadcasts programmes on television or radio, or over the internet nadawca Distribution: General
catch-up TV a service enabling authorised subscribers to stream TV content over the Internet via a website operated by an authorised broadcaster for a limited period of time after it was broadcast telewizja catch-up; usługa pozwalająca na oglądanie w późniejszym terminie programów telewizyjnych za pomocą Internetu przez użytkowników zarejestrowanych na platformie należącej do nadawcy programu Distribution: General
day-and-date release or simultaneous release the release of a film on multiple platforms—most commonly theatrical and home video—on the exact same day, or in very close proximity to each other. This is in contrast to the industry standard of having a window of exclusivity (usually 90 days) between the theatrical and home video releases premiera filmu na różnych platformach w tym samym terminie Distribution: General
distributor company responsible for the marketing and distribution of films to the general public. It may be the same with, or different from, the production company dystrybutor Distribution: General
dubbing the replacement of a soundtrack in one language by one in another language dubbing Distribution: General
exhibition stand a section of an exhibition where a particular company shows their products or information about their products stoisko wystawowe, stoisko targowe Distribution: General
festival screening a showing of a film at the festival pokaz festiwalowy Distribution: General
film markets trade events for the film industry (finding distributors, selling films to different territories, etc.) targi filmowe Distribution: General
first run first release on a given TV channel premiera nadania w kanale telewizyjnym Distribution: General
geo-blocking the practice of restricting access to internet content based on your location. These restrictions usually apply to international borders. Online media companies, streaming services and subscription plans use geo-blocking to comply with licensing deals among media properties, certain countries’ legal systems, or other agreements and regulations blokowanie geograficzne Distribution: General
holdback period a contractual provision requiring the distributor to refrain from exploiting or permitting the exploitation of any licensed rights until the end of a specified period postanowienie umowne zobowiązujące dystrybutora do niekorzystania i niezezwalania na korzystanie z licencjonowanych praw przez określony w umowie okres Distribution: General
local premiere the first regular screening within the territory of the producer premiera na terytorium producenta Distribution: General
number of runs "the amount of times a film is shown or broadcasted on TV withing a specified period For further information please see IFTA® INTERNATIONAL SCHEDULE OF DEFINITIONS" ilość emisji lub nadań filmu na danym kanale telewizyjnym Distribution: General
prime time the peak viewing time on television, for which advertising rates are the highest godziny największej oglądalności, szczyt oglądalności Distribution: General
release date a fixed date on which a film is due to become available for the public to see or buy data premiery Distribution: General
rerun a film, play, series, etc, that is broadcast or put on again; repeat powtarzać, ponownie emitować Distribution: General
return on investment (ROI) "a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency or profitability of an investment or compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. To calculate ROI, the benefit (or return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment. The result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio" zwrot z inwestycji Distribution: General
sales agent an agent appointed by the producer to act as agent for the sale of the film agent sprzedaży Distribution: General
screener an advance screening of a film sent to critics, awards voters, video stores, and other film industry professionals, including producers and distributors promocyjna kopia filmu w formie cyfrowej Distribution: General
selling point a characteristic of a product that will persuade people to buy it zalety (cechy, które nakłaniają ludzi do kupna czegoś), mocny punkt Distribution: General
subtitles words shown at the bottom of a film or television picture to explain what is being said napisy Distribution: General
talents actors, writers and other artistically contributing members of a production aktorzy, pisarze oraz inne osoby zaangażowane artystycznie w produkcję Distribution: General
theatrical premiere a premiere screening in the theatre, usually only by invitation, gathering creators, talents, media and others involved in the marketing and distribution of the film premiera kinowa Distribution: General
time slot the time when a programme is broadcast przedział czasowy, okienko czasowe Distribution: General
videogram a cassette, disc, or comparable magnetic or electronic storage device designed to be used with a device that causes a film copy to be visible on a television screen for private viewing obraz zapisany na nośniku Distribution: General
worldwide premiere the first screening anywhere in the world premiera światowa Distribution: General
ancillary rights ancillary rights refer to all rights that are related to exploiting property in ways that are different from their original format. prawa zależne (prawo do opracowań cudzego utworu np. tłumaczenie, przeróbka, adaptacja) oraz uprawnienia do korzystania z elementów filmu / merchandising, sequele, seriale tv, sztuki teatralne, książki, seriale internetowe, ścieżki dźwiękowe, komiksy, gry Distribution: Licence Rights & Exploitation Fields
cinematic rights "theatrical, nontheatrical and public video exploitation of a motion picture For further information please see IFTA® INTERNATIONAL SCHEDULE OF DEFINITIONS" prawa do pokazywania filmów w salach kinowych, szkołach, kościołach, bibliotekach, ambasadach itp. lub jako część videogramu pokazywanego w miejscach publicznych Distribution: Licence Rights & Exploitation Fields
public video rights rights to exploit a film copy embodied in a videogram only for direct exhibition before an audience in a mini-theatre or other venues that charge an admission and are not licensed as a conventional cinema prawa do pokazów publicznych Distribution: Licence Rights & Exploitation Fields
television rights "the right to make available, distribute or otherwise exploit the programme as part of a free or pay TV programming service. For further information on Pay and Free TV rights please see IFTA® INTERNATIONAL SCHEDULE OF DEFINITIONS" prawa telewizyjne Distribution: Licence Rights & Exploitation Fields
theatrical rights rights to the linear exploitation of a film copy only for direct exhibition in conventional or drive-in theatres, licensed as such in the place where the exhibition occurs, that are open to the general public on a regularly scheduled basis and that charge an admission fee to view the film prawa kinowe Distribution: Licence Rights & Exploitation Fields
video on demand rights "rights to make a digital film copy available by the means of AdVOD, FVOD, SVOD and TVOD only. For further information please see IFTA® INTERNATIONAL SCHEDULE OF DEFINITIONS" prawa dot. wideo na żądanie Distribution: Licence Rights & Exploitation Fields
electronic or press kit (EPK) a press kit equivalent in electronic form containing promotional materials of the film for PR purposes elektroniczny folder z zestawem materiałów promocyjnych filmu dla celów PR Distribution: Materials
footage a piece of film, usually raw, unedited footage originally shot with a film camera fragment materiału filmowego, zarejestrowanego kamerą przed docelowym montażem Distribution: Materials
making of is a documentary film that features the production of a film or television programme dokument pokazujący kulisy powstawania filmu Distribution: Materials
pitch a speech or act that attempts to persuade someone to buy or do something prezentacja sprzedażowa Distribution: Materials
sales deck or pitch deck a standard film pitch deck is set up as a series of slides. It is a valuable tool to verbally sell a script to studio executives, producers, or anyone else within the industry. It explains why the film is being made. It allows to delve into the specifics of overall style, visual impact, tone of the film casting, location, crew, and more krótka prezentacja opisująca główne założenia filmu i jego twórców Distribution: Materials
DIY Release a type of distribution that bypasses the distributor - the producer himself concludes contracts with cinemas and broadcasters dystrybucja filmu z pominięciem dystrybutora - producent sam zawiera umowę z kinami i nadawcami Distribution: Theatrical Releases
limited release a distribution strategy of releasing a film in selected markets ograniczone rozpowszechnianie Distribution: Theatrical Releases
special screening a distribution strategy of releasing a film in selected markets jednorazowy pokaz specjalny, który może odbyć się w kinie, muzeum, kampusie uniwersyteckim, centrum sztuki itp. Distribution: Theatrical Releases
advertising-supported video on demand (AVOD)  access to video content with ads to users, often for free, since the platforms rely on selling ads to generate revenue wideo na życzenie w modelu, w którym użytkownicy końcowi nie płacą za możliwość obejrzenia audycji, ale audycje przerywane są emisjami reklam wykupionymi przez reklamodawców. 'A' w AVOD oznacza advertising (ang. reklama) Distribution: VOD
free video on demand (FVOD)  VOD programming offered free of charge by the content provider program na życzenie oferowany przez dostawcę programu bezpłatnie Distribution: VOD
subscription video on demand (SVOD)  a VOD model that allows users unlimited access to a bundled set of content for a fixed fee during a specific time period (typically one month) model VOD umożliwiający użytkownikom nieograniczony dostęp do pakietu treści za stałą opłatą przez określony czas (zazwyczaj jeden miesiąc) Distribution: VOD
transactional video on demand (TVOD)  a VOD model with access to a single programme upon paying a fixed fee dostęp do programu na życzenie za opłatą Distribution: VOD
video on demand (VOD)  wideo na życzenie wideo na życzenie Distribution: VOD
advertiser a person or business that pays to advertise a product or a service reklamodawca, agencja reklamowa PR & Marketing
awareness what marketing seeks to create, i.e. when audiences know something about the content of a film (stars, plot premise etc.) and when it is going to be released świadomość, wiedza, znajomość PR & Marketing
billboard ad in the US, a very large board on which advertisements are shown, especially at the side of a road reklama billboardowa PR & Marketing
buzz a positive word-of-mouth pozytywny szum wokół filmu lub innego wydarzenia PR & Marketing
cameo a small character part in a play or film, played by a distinguished actor or a celebrity rola epizodyczna gwiazdy PR & Marketing
cross-platform marketing also multi-channel marketing; a method of promoting a film to appeal to a full range of potential audiences, i.e. an official website for the film, a viral campaign, using teasers and trailers on YouTube with associated hashtags, adverts or interviews with the stars in the print media, press releases, theatrical and TV trailers, actors on talk shows, the use of marchandise marketing wielokanałowy PR & Marketing
cross-promotion the use of one product or service to promote another promocja krzyżowa PR & Marketing
film-goer (UK) also a moviegoer (US), a person who goes to the cinema, especially when they do it regularly kinoman, widz kinowy PR & Marketing
found footage "a film subgenre in which all or a substantial part of the work is presented as if it were discovered film or video recordings" technika filmowa, w której film stylizowany jest na znalezione amatorskie nagranie PR & Marketing
hold over to extend the original period of screening, usually due to large audiences or the film winning an award przedłużenie pierwotnego okresu projekcji filmu w kinie, zazwyczaj z powodu dużego zainteresowania publiczności lub zdobycia przez film nagrody PR & Marketing
junket a promotional event, held either on the set or at a hotel, where members of the press are invited to meet the talent, doing either round table or one-one interviews impreza promocyjna podczas której prasa ma możliwość spotkania i przeprowadzenia wywiadów z twórcami PR & Marketing
key art the central concept or design used in posters and print ads kluczowa grafika pojawiająca się w reklamach przedstawiających dany materiał (np. film, grę komputerową) PR & Marketing
key set or key stills a sequentially numbered set of selected film stills which were taken before, during and after a film is made. They are distributed free to magazines for publicity purposes zestaw wybranych fotosów filmowych wykonanych przed, w trakcie i po nakręceniu filmu. Są one bezpłatnie dystrybuowane np. do czasopism w celach reklamowych PR & Marketing
marketing campaign a planned series of marketing activities used to promote a given product or event kampania marketingowa PR & Marketing
marketing power the ability of a company to encourage people to buy their product or service zdolność firmy do zachęcenia konsumentów do zakupu ich produktu lub usługi PR & Marketing
merchendising the process of manufacturing, distributing, licensing, and sale of promotional goods that contain characters or designs from a film działalność skupiona na wykorzystywaniu znanych produktów w celu poprawy sprzedaży innych PR & Marketing
pimary audience the main target audience of a film, those who are likely to go and see it on its opening weekend, or eve start queuing up to six months before it is released proces produkcji, dystrybucji, licencjonowania i sprzedaży towarów promocyjnych zawierających np. wizerunki postaci lub inne motywy z filmu PR & Marketing
playdate or release date a date of release of a film in a specific market data premiery filmu na danym rynku PR & Marketing
r-rated only allowed to be watched by people younger than 17 if they are with an adult. R stands for restricted dozwolony dla osób poniżej 17. roku życia jedynie pod opieką dorosłego PR & Marketing
secondary audience the audience who will only go and see a film after they have heard about it and were persuaded (by reviews or friends) that it is worth seeing druga grupa docelowa PR & Marketing
stills a still photograph taken from a scene of a film and used for promotional purposes fotosy PR & Marketing
tagline the one-liner that appears on poster summing up the story and may appear a long time before the actual release ( 6-8 months) slogan (krótka, łatwa do zapamiętania fraza reklamowa) PR & Marketing
teaser trailer a short trailer, it doesnt give away a lot about a film. It is design to arouse curiosity and wstępna zapowiedź filmu PR & Marketing
tie-in the activity of marketing a product by connecting it to a film, event, TV show, etc. reklama powiązana, reklama łączona PR & Marketing
trailer "a 'sample' of the best points of the film which works to create awareness in audiences, aiming to raise questions that can only be answered by seeing the whole film. It can be anything from 30-180 seconds long" zwiastun PR & Marketing
unique selling point (USP) of film a film logline that quickly conveys what will compel the target audience to pay to view a given film or TV show unikatowa cecha filmu PR & Marketing
visuals a picture, piece of film, or display used to illustrate or accompany something materiał ilustracyjny PR & Marketing
word-of-mouth general public attitude to a movie - what people tell each other about it. This is thought to be the most importnat ingredient for box office successs przekaz ustny, poczta pantoflowa PR & Marketing
chain of title a series of documents which establishes proprietary rights in a film dokumentacja potwierdzająca kolejność właścicieli praw i ich pełne nabycie Legal: Development Agreement
condition precedent a condition or an event that must occur before a right, claim, duty, or interests arises warunek zawieszający Legal: Development Agreement
polish to improve or refine a script szlifować, dopracowywać (np. treść umowy) Legal: Development Agreement
redraft or second draft a draft of a script or treatment after revision and amendments projekt umowy po poprawkach Legal: Development Agreement
underlying work an original screenplay, book, article or short story on the basis of which a new film script is created oryginalny scenariusz, książka, artykuł lub opowiadanie, na podstawie którego powstaje nowy scenariusz filmowy Legal: Development Agreement
annex an appendix; an addition to existing contract załącznik, aneks Legal: Form of Agreement
deal memo an term used to describe a document which summarises the key points of a contract between two or more parties, signed before the actual, long, detailed agreement dokument będący hasłowym skrótem najważniejszych założeń współpracy, podpisywany przed szczegółową, finalną umową Legal: Form of Agreement
letter of intent a document declaring the preliminary commitment of one party to do business with another list intencyjny, który wyraża intencje, ale nie stanowi 'twardego' zobowiązania Legal: Form of Agreement
long form agreement the primary contract for the transaction; usually a follow up to the exchange of deal memo or term sheet umowa pełna Legal: Form of Agreement
offer a promise to do or refrain from doing something in exchange for something else, in other words - a statement of the terms. An offer must be stated and delivered in a way that would lead a reasonable person to expect a binding contract to arise from its acceptance oferta Legal: Form of Agreement
term sheet  a document which sets out certain terms of a transaction agreed in principle between parties, and is typically negotiated and signed at the beginning of a transaction dokument, który zawiera zestawienie kluczowych warunków biznesowych dotyczących zasad współpracy Legal: Form of Agreement
amendment a formal or official change made to a contract or other legal document poprawka Legal: Negotiations
clause / provision a section of a legal document klauzula, postanowienie Legal: Negotiations
draft contract an agreement that has not yet been finalised projekt umowy Legal: Negotiations
execute to sign an agreed contract podpisać umowę Legal: Negotiations
track changes, redline a feature within most word processing applications that enables a user to keep track of the entire different types of alterations, changes or deletions made to a specific document śledzenie zmian, tekst w trybie śledzenia zmian Legal: Negotiations
contractual penalty obligation to pay a certain sum of money in case of a breach of the contract kara umowna Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Default
force majeure a provision in a contract that frees both parties from obligation if an extraordinary event directly prevents one or both parties from performing siła wyższa Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Default
inability a lack of ability to fulfil contractual terms niezdolność Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Default
indemnify to protect one party of a transaction from the risks or liabilities created by the other party of the transaction zabezpieczać, zwalniać z odpowiedzialności Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Default
rescind (rescission) to cancel the contract in such a way as if it had never been signed odstąpić od umowy Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Default
withdraw to pull back from the contract within a period of time after the contract has been entered into wypowiedzieć umowę Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Default
collection manager the only party with access to the revenues received in the Collection Account and is the one who will allocate and distribute the revenues amongst the beneficiaries of the film niezależna od stron finansujących film, zewnętrzna firma lub osoba odpowiedzialna za zarządzanie i redystrybucję przychodów z eksploatacji pomiędzy uprawnione strony Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Distribution & Promotion
costs off the top deal (C.O.T) a distribution agreement where distribution expenses are deducted from gross receipts and the balance is then divided between the distributor and the producer in agreed shares umowa dystrybucyjna, w której koszty dystrybucji są odejmowane od przychodów brutto, a saldo jest następnie dzielone pomiędzy dystrybutora i producenta w uzgodnionych udziałach Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Distribution & Promotion
domestic rights distribution rights in respect of the US (in case of American coproductions) or domestic territory (in other, non-American coproductions) prawa do dystrybucji na terytorium USA (w koprodukcjach amerykańskich) lub na dany rynek krajowy (w koprodukcjach bez amerykańskiego partnera) Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Distribution & Promotion
errors & omissions (E&O) insurance that covers all of the potential legal liabilities and defence costs against lawsuits alleging unauthorized use of titles, formats, ideas, characters, plots, plagiarism, unfair competition or privacy, and breach of contract. It also protects against alleged libel, slander, defamation of character or invasion of privacy. Errors & Omissions is a requirement for distribution deals with studios, television, cable networks, DVD and Internet sites prior to the release of any film production ubezpieczenie od błędów i zaniedbań/braków Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Distribution & Promotion
fair use a doctrine in United States law that permits limited use of copyrighted material without having to first acquire permission from the copyright holder dozwolony użytek Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Distribution & Promotion
holdback period a contractual provision requiring the distributor to refrain from exploiting or permitting the exploitation of any licensed rights until the end of a specified period postanowienie umowne zobowiązujące dystrybutora do niekorzystania i niezezwalania na korzystanie z licencjonowanych praw przez określony w umowie okres Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Distribution & Promotion
P&A prints and advertising koszt wytworzenia kopii i promocja Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Distribution & Promotion
print and advertising (P&A) the sum of the technical costs of theatrical exploitation such as film copies ('prints'), dubbing, etc. as well as the costs for advertising ('advertising') and public relations koszt wytworzenia kopii i promocja Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Distribution & Promotion
rest of the world (ROW) rights rights related to countries outside a specific (reserved) reserved territory prawa na kraje poza terytorium zastrzeżonym Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Distribution & Promotion
window an agreed period of time in which a film may appear on a given medium and field of exploitation ustalony okres czasu w którym film może się pojawić na danym medium i polu eksploatacji Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Distribution & Promotion
back end the conditions that are part of an agreement that refer to providing the author, screenwriter, or others that participate in the deal with a right to some of the profits that come after the film sells warunki będące częścią umowy, które odnoszą się do przyznania autorowi, scenarzyście lub innym osobom, np. producentowi, prawa do zysków, które pojawią się po osiągnięciu przez film progu rentowności, niezależnie od przychodów wynikających z wkładów finansowych Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Money
collection account a bank account set up set up in the name of a neutral third party to receive the revenues generated by international distribution of a film project. It functions as a neutral bank account outside the control of any of the parties with a financial interest in the film, like the producers, the sales agent, or the financiers rachunek bankowy zakładany przez neutralną stronę trzecią (Collective Agenta), na który wpływają przychody z międzynarodowej dystrybucji filmu. Rachunek pozostaje poza kontrolą którejkolwiek ze stron finansujących (koproducentów, inwestorów, agentów sprzedaży / dystrybutorów) Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Money
corridor a privilege of one of the financial partners regarding the priority in recovery of returns usually in a way of a flat rate while others recoup the rest on pari passu basis tzw. korytarz, przywilej jednego z partnerów finansowych w zakresie pierwszeństwa w odzyskiwaniu przychodów Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Money
deferred payment in a deferral deal, cast or crew or a vendor agrees to defer all or part of their pay until the production has the money to pay them or the film sells płatność odroczona za porozumieniem stron Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Money
pari passu equitably, without preference, i.e. according to the amount of each investor’s investment divided by the total recoupable cost of production proporcjonalny (inaczej 'parytetowy') podział np. zysków lub należności Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Money
pro rata a pro rata contribution or recoupment is one that is provided or received in proportion to the contributor/recipient's interest in the project płatność proporcjonalna Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Money
residuals financial compensations paid to any above the line talent in cases of reruns, syndication, DVD release, or online streaming release of a film (mainly in US, as provided by the guilds) płatności dodatkowe, najczęściej regulowane umowami / porozumieniami wdrażanymi przez amerykańskie gildie Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Money
above the line (ATL) the term relates to both the division of a film’s budget, and the division of a film’s crew - top talent (actors, directors, producers), screenwriter and others involved in the high level financial and creative direction of the film and any costs related to their activity on the production określenie dotyczące głównych twórców filmu i kosztów związanych z ich pracą Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Rights & Talent
below the line (BTL) the term relates to both the division of a film’s budget, and the division of a film’s crew, i.e. in budgetary terms, any production costs that are not 'above the line'. This can include film crew salary, publicity, music rights, and cutting together a trailer. It also denotes the roles on a film crew which are technical in nature and do not provide guidance or leadership on the creative side of a film określenie dotyczące ekipy filmowej (poza głównymi twórcami) i kosztów związanych z jej usługami Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Rights & Talent
credits the list of the names of people and organizations who helped to make a movie or television program which is shown at the beginning or the end of it napisy początkowe i końcowe Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Rights & Talent
derrivative work "a work based on or derived from one or more already existing works. Common derivative works include translations, musical arrangements, motion picture versions of literary material or plays, art reproductions, abridgments, and condensations of pre-existing works" utwór zależny Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Rights & Talent
droit moral (moral rights) the rights of creators of copyrighted works autorskie prawa osobiste Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Rights & Talent
pay or play a commitment by a producer—a studio, network, production company, or individual—to pay the artist even if the producer later decides that the artist's services won't be required zobowiązanie producenta do zapłaty artyście, nawet jeśli jego usługi nie będą ostatecznie wymagane Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Rights & Talent
publishing right in film production agreements, they may refer to the right to publish a book based on a script prawa wydawnicze Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Rights & Talent
right of publicity the right to control the commercial exploitation of a person's name, image or persona prawo do ochrony wizerunku Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Rights & Talent
affiliate or affiliated entity; a company with a parent company that possesses a certain % ownership of the affiliate podmiot powiązany Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Standard Terms
completion bond a promise by an insurance company to the person or financial organization financing a film production project that it will provide the money needed to complete the project, even if something unexpected happens ubezpieczenie powodzenia produkcji / ukończenia realizacji filmu Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Standard Terms
confirmed order an initial contract for the provision of services which is decisive of their general scope and performance; any services that will arise during the duration of the contract wil require an additional order dokument potwierdzający zamówienie usług, ich zakres i warunki Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Standard Terms
contribution a gift in-kind or payment to a coproduction wkład rzeczowy lub finansowy w koprodukcję Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Standard Terms
effective date the time when parties to a contract begin their obligations to perform under the contract data wejścia w życie Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Standard Terms
equity investor an individual, group, or company that purchases a stake in either the film or the company producing it with the expectation that it will rise in value in the form of capital gains inwestor kapitałowy Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Standard Terms
escrow account an account managed by a neutral third-party to safeguard financial transactions rachunek zabezpieczony, rachunek powierniczy Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Standard Terms
irrevocable impossible to change nieodwołalny, bez możliwości wycofania Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Standard Terms
notices notifications as part of the formal communications between the parties and the giving of notices to, and the receipt of notices from, the other parties to the agreement powiadomienia Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Standard Terms
principal photography the phase of producing a film or television show in which the bulk of shooting takes place, as distinct from the phases of pre-production and post-production. In contracts, this term is associated with different payment schedules okres zdjęciowy; w kontekście umów, pojęcie to związane jest z dokonywaniem płatności określonych rat Legal: Standard Terms Co-production Agreement (CPA) / Standard Terms
certificate of authorship a key document in the chain of title of a motion picture. This is a statement by the writer identifying the author of the script. świadectwo autorstwa Legal: Types of Agreements
consultant agreement an agreement between a production company and a consultant umowa z konsultantem Legal: Types of Agreements
extras agreement a contract between the production company and extras umowa ze statystą Legal: Types of Agreements
location release form or agreement a permission to the filmmaker and his team by the owner of certain property to film on specific private and public locations zgoda na wykorzystanie lokacji Legal: Types of Agreements
non-disclosure agreement (NDA) a confidentiality agreement, a legally binding contract in which one party agrees to give a second party confidential information about its business or products and the second party agrees not to share this information with anyone else for a specified period of time. NDAs are used to protect sensitive information and intellectual property (IP) by outlining in detail what information must remain private and what information can be shared or released to the public. NDA, umowa o zachowaniu poufności Legal: Types of Agreements
sales agency agreement a contract signed between a producer and a sales agent for the sale of the film umowa z agentem sprzedaży Legal: Types of Agreements
synchronisation license a music license granted by the holder of the copyright of a particular composition, allowing the licensee to synchronise ('sync') music with some kind of visual media output licencja muzyczna udzielona przez posiadacza praw autorskich do określonej kompozycji, umożliwiająca licencjobiorcy synchronizację muzyki z różnymi mediami wizualnymi Legal: Types of Agreements
after the fact too late; after sth is completed or finalised po fakcie Common Business Idioms
agreement in principle an agreement in which not all the details have been worked out porozumienie co do zasady Common Business Idioms
ahead of the curve highly creative, offering ideas not yet in general circulation na czołowej pozycji, prowadzeniu Common Business Idioms
ahead of the pack to be more successful than the competition prowadzić, przodować, być przed konkurencją, być ponad konkurentami Common Business Idioms
all things being equal in the event that all aspects of a situation remain the same jeżeli nic się nie zmieni Common Business Idioms
back to square one to start something over again because a previous attempt failed z powrotem w punkcie wyjścia Common Business Idioms
back to the drawing board forced to begin sth again zaczynać na nowo, rozpoczynać od początku Common Business Idioms
benefit of the doubt a favourable or at least neutral opinion of someone or something until the full information about the subject is available. Regard someone as innocent until proven otherwise kredyt zaufania Common Business Idioms
big picture wide perspective; a broad view of sth (not bogged down in the details) szersza perspektywa, szerszy punkt widzenia, pełny obraz Common Business Idioms
by the book to do things exactly according to the rules or the law według przepisów, zgodnie z zasadami Common Business Idioms
call it a day decide that one has worked enough on sth for the day na dziś koniec, wystarczy na dziś Common Business Idioms
call the shots make the important decisions in an organisation wydawać rozkazy, wydawać polecenia, dyktować warunki Common Business Idioms
come to terms with sth accept sth bad that has happened zaakceptować coś, pogodzić się z czymś Common Business Idioms
corner the market to dominate a particular market wykosić konkurencję (uzyskać monopol), zmonopolizować rynek Common Business Idioms
cut corners do something in the easiest, cheapest, or fastest way pójść na łatwiznę, pójść po linii najmniejszego oporu, pójść na skróty (robić coś z minimalnym wysiłkiem) Common Business Idioms
cut it fine do sth at the last moment prawie nie zdążyć, zostawić sobie mały zapas czasu Common Business Idioms
cut someone some slack avoid treating someone strictly or severely dać komuś spokój, dać komuś trochę luzu Common Business Idioms
cut to the chase get to the point; explain the most important part of sth quickly; skip the preliminaries przejść do rzeczy, przejść do sedna Common Business Idioms
cut-throat very intense, aggressive, and merciless competition zaciekła rywalizacja Common Business Idioms
do sth by the book according to established procedure stosować się do zasad Common Business Idioms
easy come, easy go something gained easily is also lost easily łatwo przyszło, łatwo poszło Common Business Idioms
eleventh hour the last minute w ostatniej chwili, za pięć dwunasta Common Business Idioms
game plan a strategy or plan for achieving success plan działania mającego na celu odniesienie sukcesu w interesach Common Business Idioms
get down the drain something is wasted or lost pójść na marne, splajtować, popaść w ruinę finansową Common Business Idioms
get down to business begin matters in earnest przystępować do rzeczy, zabrać się do roboty Common Business Idioms
get something off the ground to start something (e.g. a project or a business) zainicjować coś Common Business Idioms
get the ball rolling make something begin or happen rozpoczynać coś, zacząć coś Common Business Idioms
get the upper hand to have more power than anyone else and so have control mieć przewagę, zdobyć przewagę Common Business Idioms
go the extra mile make more effort than is expected of you zrobić więcej (niż się od kogoś wymaga), poświęcić się bardziej, żeby osiągnąć cel (dosł. 'przejść dodatkową milę') Common Business Idioms
have one’s hands tied be unable to act freely mieć związane ręce Common Business Idioms
in a nutshell very briefly w pigułce, jednym słowem, krótko mówiąc, w skrócie Common Business Idioms
in full swing at a stage when the level of activity is at its highest w pełni Common Business Idioms
in the driver's seat to be in charge or in control of a situation u władzy, u steru Common Business Idioms
in the pipeline being worked on w przygotowaniu Common Business Idioms
in the works under development; coming soon w przygotowaniu, w planach Common Business Idioms
keep one's eye on the ball to give something one’s full attention and to not lose focus być skoncentrowanym, być uważnym Common Business Idioms
learn / know the ropes become more familiar with a job or field of endeavour; be trained znać się, być obeznanym Common Business Idioms
long shot something that has a very low probability of happening ryzyko, ryzykowna próba Common Business Idioms
movers and shakers influential people, especially in a particular field grube ryby, szychy Common Business Idioms
no strings attached something is given without involving special demands or limits bez zobowiązań, bez ograniczeń Common Business Idioms
no-brainer something that is really obvious or easy łatwizna, pestka Common Business Idioms
off the hook free from blame or responsibility to do sth zwolniony z podejrzeń lub obowiązku Common Business Idioms
on point well done, effective, good (e.g. a speech / presentation can be on point) celny, trafny, w punkt, idealny, bezbłędny Common Business Idioms
on the same page understanding a situation in the same way mieć takie samo zdanie, zgadzać się Common Business Idioms
on the spur of the moment without advance planning pod wpływem chwili, spontanicznie (zrobić coś) Common Business Idioms
out in the open something that is public knowledge and not secret anymore jawnie, bez tajemnic Common Business Idioms
out of the loop not part of a group that is kept informed about something być poza kręgiem decydentów, nie należeć do grupy wtajemniczonych Common Business Idioms
race against time / clock rush to meet a deadline, to be forced to do sth very quickly. ścigać się z czasem Common Business Idioms
raise red flags warn of trouble ahead wzbudzać podejrzenia Common Business Idioms
raise the bar to set standards or expectations higher podnosić poprzeczkę, podnosić wymagania Common Business Idioms
red tape bureaucracy official rules and processes that seem unnecessary and cause delays nadmierna biurokracja Common Business Idioms
rocket science something difficult to understand wielka filozofia, wielkie rzeczy Common Business Idioms
run the show be the leader, who is in control of a group of people doing sth przewodzić (komuś lub czemuś), kierować czymś, być liderem Common Business Idioms
safe bet something that is certain to happen duże prawdopodobieństwo Common Business Idioms
see eye to eye to agree with somebody zgadzać się Common Business Idioms
sit on sth delay revealing or acting on sth przeciągać coś w czasie, odkładać coś na później Common Business Idioms
sneak peek an opportunity to view sth in advance of its official premiere podgląd (przed oficjalnym pokazem) Common Business Idioms
stand one’s ground refuse to back down; insist on one’s position nie ustępować pola Common Business Idioms
take it or leave it you must decide now whether you will accept this proposal decydujesz się czy nie? Common Business Idioms
take the bull by the horns to directly confront a difficult situation in a brave and determined way chwytać byka za rogi Common Business Idioms
take the edge off something lightly improve sth negative złagodzić Common Business Idioms
the bottom line final result or the most important consideration of a situation, activity, or discussion; total profit or loss of a company sedno sprawy, ogólny rozrachunek, rezultat Common Business Idioms
touch base make or renew contact with someone; to talk to someone briefly to find out how they are or what they think about sth skontaktować się z kimś Common Business Idioms
up in the air something is undecided or uncertain pod znakiem zapytania, w niepewności, palcem po wodzie pisane Common Business Idioms
producer the producer is in charge of initiating, coordinating, supervising, and controlling activities such as generating funds, employing essential staff members, contracting, and arranging for distributors. The producer is active in all aspects of the process, from project development to project completion producent Roles: Key Creative Team
director the director is in charge of overseeing the creative aspects of a film, such as controlling the plot's content and flow, directing actors' performances, choosing the locations where the film will be shot, and managing technical details such as camera positioning, lighting use, and the timing and content of the film's soundtrack operator filmowy, reżyser obrazu, autor zdjęć Roles: Key Creative Team
screenwriter screenwriters or scriptwriters are in charge of researching the story, constructing the narrative, composing the screenplay, and providing it to the Producers in the proper format. They are virtually always freelancers who pitch unique ideas to Producers in the hopes of having them optioned or sold, or who are commissioned by a Producer to write a screenplay based on a concept, true story, existing script, or literary work, such as a novel or short story scenarzysta Roles: Key Creative Team
executive producer an executive producer is typically a project investor or someone who facilitated the project's finance. Depending on the financial circumstances, a project may have numerous executive producers producent wykonawczy Roles: Production Department
line producer a line producer is typically in charge of a film's budget. In addition, or otherwise, they may manage the day-to-day physical components of film production producent liniowy Roles: Production Department
production manager the production manager is in charge of the physical components of production, such as personnel, technology, budget, and schedule. It is the PM's obligation to ensure that the filming runs on time and within budget. The PM frequently works under the supervision of a line producer and reports directly to the Production Coordinator kierownik produkcji Roles: Production Department
production coordinator the production coordinator is the production's information hub, in charge of coordinating all logistics such as recruiting personnel, renting equipment, and booking talent. The PC is an essential component in film production koordynator produkcji Roles: Production Department
production secretary the production secretary assists the production co-ordinator and production manager with administration in the production office sekretarz biura Roles: Production Department
production accountant production accountants are in charge of handling finances and keeping financial records during the filming process. They collaborate closely with the Producer and the production office to manage the day-to-day accounting office duties and report on the project's financial success in relation to budgets (cost reporting) administrator filmu Roles: Production Department
post-production supervisor post-production supervisors are in charge of the post-production process, ensuring clarity of information and open lines of communication between the Producer, Editor, Supervising Sound Editor, Facilities Companies (such as film labs, CGI studios, and negative cutters), and the Production Accountant kierownik postprodukcji Roles: Production Department
first assistant director the first assistant director (1st AD) works alongside the production manager and director. They are in charge of the day-to-day management of the cast and crew schedule, equipment, screenplay, and set. They ensure that filming is completed on time while also providing a working environment in which the director, principal artists (actors), and crew may concentrate on their work II reżyser planowy Roles: Production Department
second assistant director the second assistant director (2nd AD) is the chief assistant to the first AD and assists him in carrying out the tasks allocated to him. The 2nd AD collaborates closely with the Production Coordinator to generate daily Call Sheets that inform the crew of the shooting day's schedule and crucial details II reżyser biurowy Roles: Production Department
third assistant director the third assistant director (3rd AD) collaborates with the "First" on set and may communicate with the "Second" to move actors from unit base, organise crowd scenes, and manage one or more production assistants asystent reżysera Roles: Production Department
production assistant/production runner the production assistant, often known as a runner, helps the first assistant director with on-set activities. PAs also help out in the production office with various general tasks asystent produkcji Roles: Production Department
continuity person see Script Supervisor sekretarz planu Roles: Production Department
script supervisor script supervisor keeps track of which parts of the script have been filmed and notes any differences between what was actually filmed and what was in the script. To maintain continuity from shot to shot and scene to scene, they take notes on every shot and keep track of props, blocking, and other elements. Also known as "continuity" sekretarz planu Roles: Production Department
stunt coordinator where a stunt is required for the film and the use of stunt artists is necessary, the stunt coordinator will coordinate the casting and performance of the stunt, working closely with the Director kaskader koordynator Roles: Stunts Department
stunt performer the stunt performer performs supervised stunts on film which are planned and overseen by stunt coordinators. They must perform action aspects of a film that require specific skills. They take the place of actors when an action is regarded as dangerous or certain skills are required kaskader Roles: Stunts Department
story producer in TV, the story producer is in charge of the entire story across all episodes. In reality television, the narrative producer is in charge of developing a plot via editing/producing the show's source material. They may also be in charge of composing the host's dialogue w telewizji, odpowiedzialny za fabułę wszystkich odcinków Roles: Script Department
script editor script editors provide a critical overview of the screenwriting process, employing their analytical skills to assist the screenwriter in identifying problems and thereby strengthening and developing the screenplay redaktor scenariusza Roles: Script Department
script co-ordinator the script coordinator is in charge of writing each version of the script and annotating it for the production team's convenience asystent redaktora scenariusza Roles: Script Department
location manager the location manager is in charge of locating and securing production locations, as well as arranging logistics, permits, and expenses involved. They are also the production's public face in the area kierownik ds. lokacji, menadżer obiektów Roles: Location Department
location assistant the location assistant assists the location manager and is present on set before, during, and after production. General responsibilities include arriving first at the location to enable the set dressers on set; ensuring the cleanliness of the locations during production; and dealing with concerns from neighbours asystent kierownika ds. lokacji Roles: Location Department
location scout the location scout is responsible for the initial location scouting for the production, taking into account production logistics such as location fees and financial constraints, local permitting costs and laws, camera and lighting requirements, proximity to other locations, production services, crew and unit parking, and so on skaut Roles: Location Department
director of photography/cinematographer the director of photography oversees the film's camera and lighting departments. In collaboration with the director, the DoP makes judgements on lighting and scene framing operator filmowy, operator obrazu, reżyser obrazu Roles: Camera Department
camera operator to capture the scenes on film, the camera operator works under the guidance of the director of photography or film director. Depending on the camera format used for filmmaking (e.g., film or digital), a director of photography may or may not control the camera, however these two responsibilities are sometimes combined operator kamery, szwankier Roles: Camera Department
first assistant camera (focus puller) the first assistant camera (first AC) is in charge of maintaining the camera in focus while shooting ostrzyciel Roles: Camera Department
second assistant camera (clapper loader) the second assistant camera (2nd AC) starts each take by operating the clapperboard and loading raw film stock into the camera magazines between takes. In addition, they are in charge of the log books that record when the film stock is received, used, and sent to the lab for processing in the light-tight cans. asystent operatora obrazu, asystent kamery Roles: Camera Department
loader the loader moves film from the manufacturer's light-tight canisters to the camera magazines, where the 2nd AC attaches it to the camera. Following filming, the loader removes the film from the magazines and deposits it in the light-tight cans for transport to the lab asystent operatora obrazu, asystent kamery Roles: Camera Department
camera production assistant the camera PA, who is usually a trainee in the camera department, supports the crew with minor details while learning the craft of the camera assistant, operator, or cinematographer stażysta w pionie operatorskim Roles: Camera Department
digital imaging technician (DIT) the digital image technician is in charge of coordinating the internal workings of the digital camera on digital productions. Under the instruction of the director of photography, the DIT will edit the final image by adjusting the number of variables available in most professional digital cameras asystent elektronicznej kamery cyfrowej (DIT) Roles: Camera Department
data wrangler on digital productions, the data wrangler is in charge of transferring data from the camera to a computer and/or hard drive data wrangler Roles: Camera Department
steadicam operator a steadicam operator is someone who is skilled at operating a Steadicam (a camera stabilisation rig) operator steadicam Roles: Camera Department
motion control technician/operator this technician operates a motion control rig, which is essentially a 'camera robot' capable of repeating camera moves for special effects purposes operator robota pozwalającego na wykonanie niezwykle precyzyjnych i powtarzalnych ruchów kamery filmowej Roles: Camera Department
video split/assist operator video assist operators (VAOs) take the images generated by the film or digital cameras and display them on video monitors so the director and other crew members can see exactly what’s been shot. These images are also recorded for playback, so the action can be reviewed after each take operator, który pobiera obrazy generowane przez kamery i wyświeta je na monitorach, dzięki czemu reżyser i inni członkowie ekipy mogą zobaczyć, co dokładnie zostało sfilmowane Roles: Camera Department
production sound mixer (sound recordist) the production sound mixer oversees the sound department on set and is in charge of recording all sound while filming. This includes selecting microphones, operating a sound recording device, and sometimes mixing audio signals in real time operator dźwięku Roles: Sound Department
sound designer also called an SDx or a supervising sound editor, develops the sonic world for film, television, and theater projects. They create or source everything the audience hears. This includes the soundtrack, sound effects, and atmospheric sounds reżyser dźwięku Roles: Sound Department
sound editor the sound editor is responsible for selecting and assembling sound recordings in preparation for the final sound mixing or mastering of a television program, motion picture, video game, or any production involving recorded or synthetic sound montażysta dźwięku Roles: Sound Department
sound supervisor, supervising sound editor a professional audio engineer who works in theater, television, or film production. The main responsibility of someone in this position is to organise and manage the way sound is handled in post-production. A sound supervisor may also work on set during filming in some cases asystent reżysera dźwięku Roles: Sound Department
boom operator (boom swinger) during filming, the boom operator is in charge of microphone placement and movement. The boom operator positions the microphone above or below the actors, just out of the camera's frame, using a boom pole operator mikrofonu Roles: Sound Department
key grip the key grip is the set's chief grip and the head of the set operations department. The key grip assists the director of photography in setting up the stage and achieving proper lighting and blocking szef wózkarzy Roles: Grip Department
best boy (grip) the best boy grip is the key grip's chief assistant. They are also in charge of keeping the grip truck organised throughout the day II wózkarz Roles: Grip Department
dolly grip the dolly grip is the grip in charge of operating the camera dolly. They set up, level, and move the dolly track before pushing and pulling the dolly, with a camera operator and camera assistantas riders wózkarz Roles: Grip Department
gaffer the gaffer is the head of the electrical department and is in charge of designing and executing a production's lighting plan. The gaffer is also known as the "Chief Lighting Technician" at times mistrz oświetlenia Roles: Electrical Department
best boy (electrical) the best boy electric is the chief assistant to the gaffer główny oświetlacz Roles: Electrical Department
lighting technician lighting technicians are responsible for the installation and operation of lighting equipment. oświetlacz Roles: Electrical Department
generator operator the generator operator maintains the functioning of the generators typically used on film location, particularly in remote areas or where extra power is needed agregaciarz Roles: Electrical Department
production designer the production designer is responsible for the overall aesthetic of the film, including settings, costumes, props, and character makeup. They play an important creative role in the creation of films and television shows, working closely with the director, cinematographer, and producer scenograf Roles: Art Department
art director the art director works directly under the production designer, in collaboration with the set decorator and set designers. Much of their work involves the administrative aspects of the art department. They are responsible for assigning tasks to personnel such as the art department coordinator and construction coordinator, keeping track of the art department budget and schedule, and overall quality control. On films with smaller art departments, such as small independent films and short films, the terms "production designer" and "art director" are often used interchangeably, and the person filling the role may be credited as either asystent scenografa Roles: Art Department
set designer the set designer is the draughtsman, frequently an architect, who creates the structures or interior spaces that the production designer has specified projektant wnętrz Roles: Art Department
illustrator the illustrator makes visual representations of the designs in order to express the production designer's ideas ilustrator Roles: Art Department
set decorator the set decorator is in charge of decorating the set, which includes all of the furnishings and other objects visible in the film dekorator wnętrz Roles: Art Department
buyer the buyer finds, then buys or hires the set dressing osoba, która znajduje, znajduje, a następnie kupuje lub wynajmuje scenografię Roles: Art Department
set dresser the set dressers apply and remove the "dressing," which includes furniture, drapes, rugs, and even doorknobs and wall sockets osoba, która zajmuje się nakładaniem i zdejmowaniem dekoracji obejmujących meble, zasłony, dywany, a także klamki i gniazdka Roles: Art Department
props master the props master is responsible for locating and handling all of the objects utilised in the production. Usually has a team of assistants główny rekwizytor Roles: Art Department
standby props standby props work on set during the filming of a scene, overseeing the use of props, and monitoring their continuity. They are able to respond quickly to requests for moving props and fixtures and to help position actors, crew and equipment rekwizytor planowy Roles: Art Department
props builder props builders are technicians who have experience in construction, plastics casting, machining, and electronics konstruktor rekwizytów Roles: Art Department
armourer the armourer is a props technician who specialises in firearms zbrojmistrz Roles: Art Department
construction coordinator/ construction manager the construction coordinator is in charge of ordering materials, scheduling work, and supervising the construction staff of carpenters, painters, and labourers kierownik budowy dekoracji Roles: Art Department
key scenic key scenic is in charge of the set's surface treatments, which include specific paint treatments such as ageing and gilding to simulate the appearance of wood, stone, brick, metal, and so on osoba odpowiedzialna za elementy plastyczne scenografii Roles: Art Department
greensman greensman is concerned with the creative arranging of plant material or landscape design koordynator ds. zieleni Roles: Art Department
(key) make-up artist make-up artists use make-up, hair, prosthetics and special effects to create the look of every character in a film. Their job is to shape an actor's appearance on screen główny charakteryzator Roles: Hair & Make-up Department
make-up assistant the make-up assistant works under the direction of the make-up artist, creating various looks and carrying out wide-ranging tasks asystent charakteryzatora Roles: Hair & Make-up Department
hairdresser / hair stylist the hairstylist is responsible for maintaining and styling the hair of everyone who appears in the film. They work with the make-up artist. stylista - fryzjer Roles: Hair & Make-up Department
special effects makeup artist SFX Makeup Artists The SFX makeup artist is responsible applying the pre-made prosthetics or smaller on-skin effects. This type of makeup can include creating the appearance of things like wounds, scars and wrinkles for ageing effects applied directly onto the skin wizażysta FX Roles: Hair & Make-up Department
costume designer the Costume Designer is responsible for all the costumes and clothing worn by the cast. They design and plan the creation of the garments, down to the fabrics, colours and sizes kostiumograf Roles: Wardrobe Department
assistant costume designer the assistant designer is the one who dresses the background actors. They also often deal with the budgets asystent kostiumografa Roles: Wardrobe Department
costume supervisor the costume supervisor collaborates closely with the designer to oversee the development or sourcing of garments, the hiring of support personnel, the budget, documentation, and department operations II kostiumograf Roles: Wardrobe Department
costume standby the costume standby is always present on set to ensure the quality and consistency of the actors' and actresses' costumes before and throughout takes. They also help the cast with their wardrobe osoba zawsze obecna na planie, aby zapewnić jakość i spójność kostiumów przed rozpoczęciem zdjęć i w ich trakcie Roles: Wardrobe Department
art finisher during pre-production, an art finisher may be hired to 'break down' garments. Making fresh clothes look dusty, faded and old is part of this specialised job osoba, która zajmuje się np. nadawaniem nowym strojom wyglądu zakurzonych, wyblakłych, starych Roles: Wardrobe Department
buyer, shopper a buyer may be hired on large projects to source and acquire fabrics and outfits przy dużych projektach, osoba zatrudniona w celu pozyskiwania i nabywania tkanin strojów Roles: Wardrobe Department
wardrobe supervisor the wardrobe supervisor is responsible for overseeing all wardrobe related activities during the course of a film shoot garderobiana Roles: Wardrobe Department
cutter/fitter a costume cutter or fitter is a costume technician who fits or tailors outfits on-set. They are also known as seamstresses or tailors technik kostiumów, który dopasowuje lub szyje stroje na planie Roles: Wardrobe Department
film editor (offline editor for video productions) the film editor (or offline editor for video productions) works with the director to put the various shots together to create a coherent film montażysta obrazu Roles: Post-production Department
assistant editor an assistant editor assists the editor by collecting and arranging all the elements required for the edit asystent montażysty Roles: Post-production Department
online editor, finishing editor (for video productions) after the offline edit is finished, the online editor adds visual effects, titles, and colour correction. Additionally, they guarantee that the programme meets the technical delivery specifications montażysta online Roles: Post-production Department
colourist the colourist adjusts the colour of the film to achieve greater consistency kolorysta Roles: Post-production Department
negative cutter the film is cut and spliced by the negative cutter. They deliver the assembled negative reels to the lab for printing montażysta negatywu Roles: Post-production Department
visual effects supervisor the visual effects (VFX) supervisor is in charge of the visual effects department VFX supervisor Roles: Visual Effects (VFX) Department
compositor the compositor is a visual effects artist responsible for combining images from a variety of sources, such as video, film, computer-generated 3D images, 2D animation, matte paintings and text montażysta filmowy odpowiedzialny za łączenie obrazów z różnych źródeł Roles: Visual Effects (VFX) Department
roto/paint artist the roto/paint artist crafts mattes by hand for use in compositing. They may also use paint to remove visual information from a scene, such as wires and rigs, logos, and scratches grafik zajmujący się rotoskopią Roles: Visual Effects (VFX) Department
matte painter these artists draw or paint entire sets or extend portions of an existing set artysta zajmujący się tworzeniem podmalówek Roles: Visual Effects (VFX) Department
sound designer a member of a film crew who is in charge of a film's post-production sound reżyser dźwięku Roles: Post-production - Sound/Music
dialogue editor the dialogue editor compiles and edits all soundtrack dialogue montażysta dialogów Roles: Post-production - Sound/Music
sound editor the Sound Editor is in charge of compiling and editing all of the sound effects in the soundtrack montażysta dźwięku Roles: Post-production - Sound/Music
re-recording mixer the re-recording mixer is responsible for balancing the sounds supplied by the dialogue, music, and effects editors realizator zgrania dźwięku Roles: Post-production - Sound/Music
music supervisor works with composers, mixers and editors to develop and incorporate music into a film. Negotiate the necessary licensing rights for all source music used in a film konsultant muzyczny Roles: Post-production - Sound/Music
composer in charge of creating the musical score for a film kompozytor ścieżki dźwiękowej Roles: Post-production - Sound/Music
foley artist a person who re-creates sounds for film, video, and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality. They replace sounds that cannot properly be recorded on set imitator dźwięku Roles: Post-production - Sound/Music
foley mixer the foley mixer adds sounds to film and TV footage during the post-production stage between filming and editing. Professional foley mixers work with foley artists and a foley editor osoba odpowiedzialna za nagranie efektów synchronicznych Roles: Post-production - Sound/Music
casting director works closely with the director and producer to understand requirements, suggest artists for each role, arranges and conducts interviews and auditions reżyser obsady Roles: Other Production Crew
storyboard artist uses pen and paper sketches to visualise stories. Two of the most common methods are quick pencil sketches and marker renderings, however Flash, Photoshop, and specialised storyboarding software are being used more and more these days storybordzista Roles: Other Production Crew
caterers catering is delivered to each Unit Base for filming by specialised companies in trucks loaded with food and a variety of supplies like gas, water and ovens catering Roles: Other Production Crew
unit nurse on a film production, a unit nurse offers basic healthcare and first aid coverage to cast and crew pielęgniarka na planie Roles: Other Production Crew
stills photographer stills photographers typically work on set, capturing scenes from the film, but they could also be asked to build up studio shots that correspond to the film's aesthetic fotosista Roles: Other Production Crew
entertainment lawyer specialises in legal matters relating to the entertainment industry, providing legal advice and drafting contracts for film production prawnik specjalizujący się w przemysłach kreatywnych Roles: Legal Department
publicist develops and manages the public image of the film and its key talent. Coordinates press releases, interviews and promotional events. Works independently and are only contracted for the length of each filming, however they might also be retained to handle distribution publicity in the lead-up to the film's premiere publicysta, rzecznik prasowy Roles: Publicity and Marketing
marketing coordinator assists in the development and implementation of marketing strategies for the film. Coordinates publicity materials and campaigns koordynator ds. marketingu Roles: Publicity and Marketing
distributor responsible for promoting, marketing and releasing the film to theatres or other distribution channels. Negotiates deals with exhibitors and manages the distribution strategy. dystrybutor Roles: Distribution
sales agent represents the film to potential buyers, negotiates distribution deals and helps secure distribution agreements for the film in various territories. agent sprzedaży Roles: Distribution

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